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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Industrial Fasteners

Many industries require fasteners in the production of their products. Of course, depending on the type of product being manufactured, the type of faster needed will vary. Some applications require a heavy-duty fastener that is able to provide increased torque capability as well as thread strength. For many industrial and manufacturing applications, a high quality hexnut is necessary. Some companies, such as Cardinal Components Inc., can provide a variety of fasteners to meet exacting production standards.
Choose the Right Fastener for the Application
The application for which a fastener will be used is an important factor in choosing the correct size and strength. You'll find fasteners and joiners that can be used with a variety of materials. Additionally, if you need a blind rivet nut, the Rivnut brand offers a number of excellent solutions. For example, the Rivnut flat head hex body is available in both standard design as well as in a heavy hex design to meet the needs of various applications. The heavy hex design offers a larger diameter for more torque capability as well as resistance to spin-out. This type of fastener should be used with class 5 mating hardware.
Other options include a Rivnut flat head hex body in metric sizes as well as a Rivnut TW half hex body. The TW or thin wall design helps to keep costs down when used in applications where load requirements are lower.
Materials Used in Manufacturing Fasteners
The vast majority of fasteners are made from carbon steel. Various grades provide options for a wide range of applications. The type of application will determine the grade needed. There are also specialty fasteners for specific purposes, such as for use in pressure vessels, flanges or for automotive suspension.
Of course, other materials can also be used in manufacturing fasteners and joiners. For example, aluminum provides a lightweight option, and bronze makes an attractive fastener while providing anti-corrosive properties. It is often used in marine applications.
How to Find the Right Supplier
An important part of finding the right solution for your application is to make sure you have a reliable supplier capable of meeting your manufacturing demands. When you choose a reputable and experienced supplier, their expertise will be invaluable when you have questions regarding the selection of the appropriate fastener for your needs. The right vendor can be just as important as the right fastener. You should always work with a company you can trust.

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