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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Moving? Do It Right This Time

Moving isn’t exactly the most fun you’re going to have this year. The fact is that the process can be pretty trying for the average person. That doesn’t mean you can avoid it, and whether you’re moving for work or personal reasons, you need to do it efficiently.

So how are you supposed to move without the insane stress and difficulties that usually come along with the process? Use this guide to make your move as smooth as possible and pain free.

You might even save some money if you do it the right way.

Hire Movers

The process of moving can be incredibly stressful, but that doesn’t mean you need to get all your buddies over to help you. To cut down on the stress, consider hiring professional movers to help with your relocation.

Yes, you’ll have to pay them, but most of the time the cost is lower than you think it’s going to be, especially if you book early. You’ll also avoid damage to big pieces of furniture that can occur when you move yourself.

Another major benefit of hiring movers is that they’ll be able to help you pack the right way. Most moving companies offer packing services, and this can be one of the most time consuming parts of a move for the average person.

Save yourself the headaches and hire movers in advance. Look to set something up about 60 days before you need to leave your current residence for the best possible prices.

Set Up Utilities Early

When you’re moving to a new place, the last thing you want to deal with is setting up internet and cable service at a place you’re not even living yet. The problem is that you don’t want to arrive and not have these services turned on. These are particularly important if you work from home, even part of the time.

Start early and negotiate rates with service providers to save money. You might find everything from Time Warner Cable specials to discounts on TV packages if you do your homework.

There’s no need to pay more than you have to. The fact is that not everybody pays the same rates for the same packages. You just need to be smart enough to do your shopping and make sure you’re getting the best possible pricing.

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