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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Keep Your Air Compressor Running Like New

Whatever your specific reason was for buying an air compressor, it was no doubt to make life easier. Whether it was for spray painting, powering impact wrenches or other air tools, or some other reason, the last thing you want is to get ready to use it only to find that it isn’t working properly. Owners of compressors should follow the maintenance and care recommendations that came with the compressor in order to keep it running like new, even after it is several years old. 

Know When to Replace Parts

Obviously, if a part breaks or malfunctions so that your compressor will not operate, it will need to be replaced. However, over time, some parts can reach the point of reduced functionality before becoming totally inoperable. Once again, the manual will give some important pointers as to what these parts are. The condition of these parts can usually be determined by a visual inspection or simple operational check. For example, belts can be examined for signs of tears or cracks. When draining the water from the tank, the drain valve should be replaced if it shows signs of corrosion or is difficult to open or close. If it will not work, simply letting the condensation build up in the tank could cause other problems. If the compressor is used for painting, water could blow through the air lines and mix with the paint, or water in the lines could mess up some of the air tools that may be powered by the compressor. Other parts, like filters, will need to be changed routinely at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. 

Know Where to Get the Right Parts

With the parts list that is part of the documents that came with the compressor, there will be no need to guess at what is needed. To enable owners to secure the right parts, suppliers like Grimmer Schmidt Parts make online purchases easy and convenient. If the manual or original parts list is no longer available, the better sites make it simple to find what is needed by searching by compressor brand and model number. Utilizing these resources, that are as close as your fingertips, can make caring for your investment simpler than ever. 

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