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Friday, May 22, 2015

Maintaining Safety with Routine Examinations

The chemical and refinery industries are vital to this country. People rely heavily on the safe supply of chemicals and fuels these industries make available. Refinery and chemical plant owners who want to ensure the public's safety and also meet government regulations may partner with companies that offer services like penetrant testing. This testing checks to make sure the supplies are safe and that the public will not be harmed if they use or come into contact with it.

Before owners allow these companies to handle such testing and examination of their facilities, they want to know that the inspectors have been fully trained and licensed to carry out these duties. As they can find out on the website, the inspectors from the company are certified and professional, having met all of the educational and licensing requirements set by this industry. They know what to look for when they visit a facility and know how to carry out the tests thoroughly and confidently.

Likewise, they offer a variety of services that can help a chemical manufacturer or refinery avoid serious problems. They can offer API 510 inspections, vendor surveillance, inspection of new construction sites, and more. Owners interested in these services can look online to learn more. They can also use the links at the top of the page to find out about professional alliances in which this company engages. These alliances can ensure that a facility passes governmental standards and meet standards set by professional associations for these industries.