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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Using Technology to Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

Technology is part of our modern existence and while we may sometimes be tempted, banning technology for our kids is simply not an option. Our children use technology at school, they use it in their social lives, and it can also spark their creativity. Internet access, smartphones and mobile devices have been shown to offer youth new avenues for healthy decision making about diet, exercise and sex, so it's crucial that parents find a way to balance safety with reward.

Luckily, there is technology that parents can use to help monitor the technology that their kids are using.

Teens, Social Media and Identity Theft

According to Pew Research, 95 percent of all teens use the Internet and 81 percent of those teens participate in social media, making the majority of teens a potential target for identity theft and digital victimization. Burgeoning adults are a prime target of identity theft since they are just beginning their credit life and are less likely to catch fraudulent charges against their name.

According to, children are the fastest growing segment for digital theft. This is one of the reasons a credit monitoring package for your child may be opportune. Through a credit monitoring package, parents can know that their kids' identity is safe without needing to constantly be looking over their shoulder.

Remote Monitoring for the Phone

The same Pew report shows that nearly 80 percent of teens and pre-teens have a cellphone. With the fears of inappropriate texting, monitoring phone usage is a must. It can also become a battle and an issue of trust if you need to have your child hand over the phone every time that you want to check it. Instead, eBlaster by SpectorSoft allows parents to remotely access kids' cell phone activity. Through this software, parents can block website access from the smartphone or receive an alert whenever certain search words are used. You can also review texts and emails, blocking unacceptable senders. The best part is that this can all be done remotely so that you can keep you child safe without needing to interfere with their growth as responsible technology users.

Geo-Location for a Good Night’s Sleep

If looking through your child’s texts seems excessive and all you want is the peace of mind knowing your child is safe, Life 360 is a solid solution. Life 360 uses the GPS function in the phone to let you find your child’s location. It also integrates circle-specific texting so that users can send one simple text to the whole family about their location and schedule. It also has panic features that alert family members of emergencies, delays or other events.

Tablet Locks

MMGuardian, available at the Google Play store, allows you to lock down specific apps and websites on your tablet for both your safety and that of your kids'. This parental lock system allows kids the freedom to use the device and explore appropriate apps, without your constant worry and interference.

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