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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse

Technical Specification  
  • Fusion Engine Technology
  • Delta Zero Technology  
  • 8 Programmable Controls
  • On-The-Fly DPI Shifting
  • light-weight Streamlined Design

  • Comfortable grip
  • Very simple
  • Dedicated “sniper” button
  • Conveniently placed thumb buttons

  • Non-Braided cable
  • USB connector not gold plated
  • Scroll wheel click is a tad too stiff


A day after I finished the G502 Proteus Core gaming mousereview, SPRG sent me the G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse, and being quite a fan of Logitech’s PC gaming peripherals, I was glad to take on the reviewing project. Before receiving the G402 gaming mouse, I have heard gamers singing praises about this rodent much more than I’ve heard about the G502. My expectations of G402 were definitely astral.

It seems that the new line of Logitech’s gaming apparels that have gone through the facelift are taking the names of the almighty Greek Gods, and a simple search on the G402 revealed that “Hyperion” is indeed part of the Greek Mythology. There was little information that I could gather, but the key characteristic of Hyperion was that he gave birth to Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn). Inferring from the key characteristics of Hyperion, it seems that Hyperion was the “beginning”. Placing it in line with the G402, it feels that Logitech created the G402 to be the “beginning” of its new line of gaming peripherals and it all makes sense when the G402 is actually (or seems to be) the base model of the G502.

How does the G402 fare in terms of gaming comfort and needs? Is it a good enough start for Logitech to name it as the “beginning”? Let’s take a look and find out.

In this review, we will be referring very closely to the G502 as they seemed to have a lot in common.

Unboxing and First Looks

The G402 came in a very simple package that is very similar in terms of colour scheme as compared to the G502 but there are significant aspects that emphasized that the G402 is a step down from the G502. To start it off, the front part of the packaging does not have a flap that opens to give a windowed view of the G402. The packaging is definitely slimmer, smaller and simpler. 

From top to bottom: Front View, side views, and back view.

As you unbox the G402, it is encased in plastic with its wire going around the sides. The manual and warranty information is tucked neatly under the plastic case.
Removing the contents will reveal how minimalistic the G402 is. The three contents in the packaging are the G402 itself, instruction manual and the warranty booklet.
The packaging was definitely not aesthetically pleasing and was kept to its bare minimum. Nothing wrong and negative about it, but I feel that Logitech could include Logo stickers that could possibly be candy to some of their fans like what their competitors are doing.

Holding up the G402, I noticed that the surface of the G402 is entirely matte, with streaks of gloss that gives the G402 an aesthetical boost. The sides of the G402 feel somewhat similar to rubber, but it does not fully convince me that it is, due to it giving a more matte touch. It’s a bit confusing and hard to understand, but the general idea is that it is smooth yet does not compromise on a good grip.

Different view of the G402

The G402 is ergonomically designed, and left-handed gamers would have to bear the consequence of searching for another alternative again.

The cable is not braided but rubber coated. It is quite flexible and does not restrict movements of the G402. A question that you may want to ask yourself would be will the rubber get sticky in the future? I definitely hope not.

USB connectors are also not gold-plated,
 something I would quite expect with the status that Logitech has given the G402. 

There are a total of 3 thumb buttons and 2 extra buttons located on the top left corner of the left click which is intended for use with your right index finger. These 5 buttons could individually be programmed to suit your gaming needs, and are conveniently within reach. An interesting feature that should be noted is that the thumb button just beside the thumb rest has a conventional “sniper” icon on it. That icon seems to symbolize that the G402 is built for FPS gaming.

The thumb buttons and the "snipin"buttons conveniently placed
around the thumb rest.

Mouse feet cover about 40% of the base, which is quite adequate, giving the G402 little friction when moving about on a surface.

Mouse Feet

Ergonomics and Design

As with the G502, the G402 is also designed specifically with the right-handed gamers in mind. In terms of size, the G402 is slightly smaller than the G502 with the arch on the mouse being not as high. It would fit a person with medium-sized and maybe large-sized hands perfectly, but still not quite suitable for a person with small hand size. Due to me using the G502 for the previous month to test, my palms felt a tad empty due to the space left in between my palms and the arch of the G402 which would have otherwise be filled by the arch of the G502. That was not a very big issue, and took me roughly an hour of continuous usage to get used to.

I have a very good description of how the G402 feels like after the initial getting-used-to stage; a glove. The G402 was so comfortable to use that I felt that it was like a glove to me. There was no presence of discomfort or restrictions I felt from the G402 and felt like it was adapting to my hands. Movements were fluidly smooth and cursor actions were pin-point precise. It was almost as if I felt the reincarnation of the G400s gaming mouse that became just a part of my muscle memory.

The sides of the mouse feels very much like matte, but it does feel slightly like rubber too. The textured and tapered sides gave a good grip and it does not seem like it will pick up much fingerprints or dust.

Buttons as mentioned were conveniently placed, and all the buttons could be reached without much difficulty, but at the same time not too easy to the point you will actuate accidentally in the heat of a game.

Even though the general shape of the G402 differs slightly from the G400s, I could feel the type of dedication and conviction Logitech has, to offer its consumers unparalleled comfort. Comfort could well be a subjective topic, but it feels perfect in my honest opinion.

DPI Features

The G402 offers a maximum of 4000DPI which in my opinion was adequate. Comparing to the over-excessive DPI count in G502, I would say that the G402 is fast enough for gamers of all kind of genre. At max setting, the cursor was quite fast already. 

The Delta Zero Technology was touted to be adaptable to most kind of surface, and it does live up to its name. I tried using the G402 on 4 different surfaces (Razer’s Goliathus Speed Edition, SteelSeries’s QCK, Prolink Nivalis and Razer Scarab), and the sensors showed consistency for all the different surfaces. There were minimal jitters and tracking was smooth and precise across both cloth and hard surfaced mousepads.

There is also a “sniping” button that acts as a DPI shift. The shift in DPI can be customized in the Logitech software, in regards to how much should the jump be. Note that this function is not a DPI cycle, but more of a 2-DPI mode switch. For FPS games, walking around would require higher DPI count to scan the area, but when sniping, the DPI count would have to go low, so as to steady your aim. 


Similar to the G502, the G402 utilizes the same software. The software was really easy to use, and you can map the profiles to games that you are playing. As the software used for the G402 is the same as the G502, move over to the G502 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse review to check it out.

Test Run

While this mouse was intended for FPS gaming, I found the G402 to be very much suitable for any genre of games. The weight of the mouse does not feel heavy to the point it will strain your wrist muscles, which is ideal for long-hours of gaming. The scroll wheel in my opinion, was quite stiff, which has its pros and cons. The left click and right click on the G402 actuates easily, but as you require a middle click, you will find it much harder to click because your fingers are accustomed to the force that the left/right click require.

I could play Dota 2 tirelessly for hours, and cursor actions still felt precise. The ergonomically shaped mouse allowed my palms and fingers to rest comfortable on the accentuated sides, while giving me a good grip. I mapped a few controls to the extra buttons, and throughout the gameplay, I did not have any accidental presses on the extra buttons. The extra buttons were very conveniently placed, but was unobtrusive. The DPI shift was not really required for Dota 2, but when I switched over to Counter-Strike, the shift was really useful, allowing me to snipe with accuracy.  

In terms of normal office work, the G402 still performs like a regular mouse, and scrolling was smooth albeit the stiff click that was mentioned earlier. Extra buttons could be mapped to copy, past, back, forward, refresh etc. , giving more convenience to your daily browsing activity.


Although the G402 is designed to be minimalistic and basic, it covers all the important features that gamers desire in their gaming rodents. Priced at SGD$65, this mouse is one of the best entry-level gaming mice of all the gaming mice that I have tried. To be honest, I find this mouse suitable to be called a semi-pro gaming mouse due to the features that it offers. Comparing it with the G502, I find that the G402 offered a more all-rounded performance and comfort. While the G502 has much more customizability, it does not feel as comfortable to use as compared to the G402. The non-braided cables and non-gold plated USB connectors are small setbacks that are not deal breakers, but could be plus point even for a mouse that is designed to be the “beginning”. If you are someone looking for a good gaming mouse with a tight budget to spare, the Logitech G402 will fit the bill. If you require higher DPI count, then the G502 would be a good choice. Overall the G402 has performed over my expectations and we are definitely giving the G402 the Chewontech’s Editor’s Choice rating. 

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