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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New bendy USB cable

What is Mykey?

Mykey is a 2.7inch (7cm) cute pliable & durable keychain cable with a built-in loop. It is very convenient when attached to your key ring or bag while traveling. The material silicone makes Mykey very flexible and soft-touch. The angular sides make it simple but strong. All those features make Mykey stylish and unique.
My name is George Jiang and I joined the Esorun team after completing an MBA in Dublin, Ireland.
The deeper I research the market, the more ideas I get. Smartphone users need a cable that they can always keep with them. But in reality, Nobody will keep an ugly, dangly or troublesome cable with him or her unless it is stylish enough and looks like a gadget.

Why do you need Mykey?

Mykey will save you, impress you and those around you in each of these scenarios:
  • Forgetting to bring your charging cable;
  • The long,loose cables of the past drive you crazy;
  • No more dull black and white cables;
  • The small round or plat noodle cable lacks imagination;
  • Old long cables frequently break where they meet the connector head......

How did this amazing idea come about?

We got thousands of inquiries after we release the extremely popular 3in1 keychain charger (KR800 and KR1000) and the 2.7inch cute flexible cable. Customers wanted 2 changes: Just need a keychain charging cable and they wanted it to be as small as possible. So we created Mykey----yes, you can show it to your friends and tell them: this is my key.....

What makes Mykey unique and outstanding?

Compared to other key cables, Mykey distinguishing feature is pliable and durable.
  • 1st: The keychain loop is made of electroplated steel and it owns a buckle which is easy to be detached. Existing key cables have a problem with the loop---It is easy to be break and  the cable can be lost.Mykey can be attached to a key ring.
  • 2nd: It is made of PVC & Silicone which make mykey is really pliable and strong. The existing key cables are made of ABS or PC which make it tough and fragile. Normal cable is easy to be broken as the material of cable and connector are not same. Compared to those features, Mykey is integrated design.
  • 3rd: Life should be colorful. Our production lines are colorful--not the normal round cable always in boring black or white. It is cute and thin---It can even be  put it in your wallet. (For our supporter here and Indiegogo, we can abandon the metal cover for wallet use).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it sync data?
Yes,mykey has charging and sync function
Which device does it support?
We offer two connectors:Lightning connector and Micro USB
Lightning connector is compatible with iPhone6 Plus/6/5/5S/5C and iPad
Micro USB connector is compatible with most Android phone and windows phone,but it may not support some devices such as Samsung TAB pad because of its special USB port. 
I've bought a lot of USB cables before and they all broken,how can i trust that it is durable?
1.PVC & Silicone material make the cable pretty strong and pliable
2.Integrated design and unibody manufacture craft makes the cable seamless 
3.The loop is made of electroplated steel ,no need to worry it will broken 
Check out their Indiegogo campaign now!

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