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Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Apps That Help Prevent Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported an estimated 6,800 deaths related to motor vehicle traffic accidents for the first quarter of 2014. But you can avoid becoming another statistic with smartphone apps that help prevent car accidents. Your phone isn't just for texting and calling anymore, it is also a powerful tech tool that can save your life on the road.


This mobile app is the ideal driving buddy. reads your texts and email out loud in real time and can even automatically respond without you ever taking your eyes off of the road. The app is Bluetooth and radio transmitter compatible, so you can use it whether you live amid New York City's giant skyscrapers or in the vast and remote deserts of Arizona. This free app, available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, is a great way to avoid distractions while driving without having to completely disconnect from friends and family.


Knowledge is power and with Waze you can be in control of your daily commute while staying safe. Waze is one of the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation apps. Drivers can contribute traffic and road data to Waze, including car accidents, road hazards and traffic jams. When you're aware of what lies ahead, you'll make wiser decisions, save you time and keep other drivers safe. Furthermore, the app offers a live map with easy to read icons that make it simple to view while on-the-go.


Phoenicians, listen up. Aside from reviewing the AZ permit practice test to become a better driver, you can also download an app that turns your smartphone into a personal driving assistant. iOnRoad reinforces the rules of the road with modern computer vision algorithms and your smartphone's camera, says the iOnRoad website. Features include collision warnings, headway monitoring, off road warnings and video recording. The iOnRoad app is available for both iPhone and Android.


A well maintained car is a safe car. The aCar app won't directly help you avoid accidents but it can keep a log of your vehicle's maintenance, including oil changes, inspections and air filter replacements. This app will also let you know if your car is operating at maximum performance, which means less surprises while driving. The app is available for Android, Amazon Kindle Fire and BlackBerry.


This app is ideal for young drivers who can't yet be trusted to resist the temptation of replying to a text message or placing a phone call. DriveScribe provides the option of blocking all smartphone activity while a vehicle is in motion. This free app keeps teens safe on the road with automated prompts and friendly reminders. With DriveScribe you won't need to be with them in the passenger seat 24/7 to help prevent an accident.

Wi-Fi Honk

Vehicle collisions aren't the only type of accident that can occur while driving. Wi-Fi Honk alerts both pedestrians and cars of an impending collision. Wired reports that Wi-Fi Honk detects signals via Wi-Fi from other devices and uses them to create a collision prediction algorithm. The app shows a warning message to pedestrians and drivers if it determines a collision is possible. Wi-Fi Honk is still in the testing phase but will revolutionize safe driving once it becomes available for Android.

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