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Friday, August 08, 2014

LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station Review

LUXA2 is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the mobile audio world, with its latest GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station being another notch in that dominating belt.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6542_03_luxa2_groovyw_bluetooth_speaker_with_wireless_charging_station_review.jpg

The company has quite a few products in its lineup now, ranging from smaller speakers to wireless-powered speakers, something that we have here today in the GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station.

What's In The Box

Instead of providing some pictures, we've done an unboxing video using Google Glass. You can take a look at that below, but if you don't want to watch the video, we'll tell you what you get in the box below the video itself.

In the box, we have the GroovyW speaker itself, the Wireless Charging Station, a carrying pouch, a microUSB cable, auxiliary cable, and the user manual.

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

LUXA2 has provided some serious specs in the GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station, something you can take a closer look at below.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6542_01_luxa2_groovyw_bluetooth_speaker_with_wireless_charging_station_review.png

As you can see, we have two separate batteries in this product - the first is baked into the GroovyW speaker itself, with the second found in the Wireless Charging Station. The GroovyW features a 2200mAh battery, while the Wireless Charging Station features a bigger 4000mAh battery.

The wireless range is not bad at all, rated at 10m (or 32 feet). The GroovyW speaker features NFC technology, a great touch interface, a built-in microphone and Bluetooth-powered remote control. When it comes to the weight of the two devices, the GroovyW speaker weighs in at a respectable but hefty 596g (or 1.3 lbs), where the Wireless Charging Station weighs 192g (or 0.42 lbs).

The playing time on the GroovyW speaker when it's fully charged is rated at around 15 hours, but when it's bundled with the Wireless Charging Station, this doubles to 30 hours (or so). The GroovyW takes around 4.5 hours to charge from 0%, while the Wireless Charging Station takes around 5.5 hours from 0%.

LUXA2 has priced the GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station at a respectable $119.99 on Amazon. Considering this includes two devices, this is quite a decent price. Even at around $120 for the GroovyW, it would still be a good price, but with an included Wireless Charging Station? Yes please, LUXA2.

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