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Saturday, August 30, 2014

BIOSTAR’s J1800TH - New Mini ITX System-On-Chip Solution

BIOSTAR has announced the J1800TH, a mini ITX mainboard with CPU on board, (known as System on a Chip or SoC). These boards are centered on being small and efficient using a small form factor with an embedded CPU, having low power consumption, and being fan-less. They are perfect for all sorts of various industrial applications.
The BIOSTAR J1800TH is the latest in all-in-one board that takes advantage of the optimized performance of Intel’s Bay Trail chipset by delivering a new generation of technology with value-added features and easy integration.
The J1800TH board, being in the mini-ITX form factor, is backwards compatible with ATX and micro-ATX form factors. The ITX form factor allows you to build small and energy efficient solutions. The J1800TH is a simple, affordable and internet centric computer design in a compact 17x17cm size. It is the ideal solution for an ultra small form factor system and easily used with various chassis makes.
For the Smart Office situation, the J1800TH ITX board will give you a budget saving dual core computing based on the Intel J1800 chips. This is a silent, fan-less design featuring low power consumption. It is perfect for office space saving and creating a neat and tidy office area, and ultra speed data transfers are no problem with the USB 3.0 interface.
With the J1800TH there are a multitude of business applications such as Digital Signage, Thin Clients, Point of Sales units and Kiosks.

Friday, August 29, 2014

ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L (Intel Avoton) Server Motherboard Review

TweakTown image content/6/5/6599_01_asus_p9a_i_c2550_sas_4l_intel_avoton_server_motherboard_review.jpg

Today, we are going to look at the ASUS P9A-I-C2550-SAS-4L server motherboard, which is based on Intel Atom processor C2000 product family, codenamed Avoton and Rangeley.

The unique feature of this platform is low power use or green design, which allows it to be run with a passive cooling system. This also offers low running cost with power saving features.

Intel's Avoton platform is the next-generation System-On-Chip (SoC), built on Intel's 22-nanometer process technology, which targets NAS, Micro server, entry-level communication and cloud storage markets.

Its compact size makes it ideal for slim form factor appliance servers and desktop type NAS solutions. It is a perfect fit for short depth chassis and increasing the density in a rack to provide higher compute/storage power per rack. Let us get started by looking at the ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L's retail package.


TweakTown image content/6/5/6599_02_asus_p9a_i_c2550_sas_4l_intel_avoton_server_motherboard_review.jpg

Here we look at the front of the retail box. The P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L comes in a simple retail box that can be used for many different types of motherboards. The white sticker at the top describes the contents. The front and back of the box are the same, and there is no difference in the artwork for the sides of the retail box.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6599_03_asus_p9a_i_c2550_sas_4l_intel_avoton_server_motherboard_review.jpg

We get our first look at the contents of the retail box for the P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L. The inside has a nice modular look to it and everything looks nice and clean. There is a motherboard in here, in the section right below the DVD's.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6599_04_asus_p9a_i_c2550_sas_4l_intel_avoton_server_motherboard_review.jpg

Opening the retail box, we can see the accessories on the top. The parts list for the retail box is:

  • 1x Motherboard P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L
  • 2x SATA 6Gb/s cables
  • 1x I/O Shield
  • 1x COM port cable
  • 1x Back COM plate
  • 2x Support DVD's
  • 1x ASWM Enterprise Support DVD

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tesoro Lobera Supreme Full Color Illumination Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

lobera supremea
   Many attempts have been made in the past from several manufacturers to change the concept behind the keyboard but when you try to change something that has been used by 100% of both PC and MAC users for several decades then the odds are obviously against you. Because of that manufacturers decided to further improve the keyboard instead rather than try and replace it with something else entirely and as you all know the result of that was the introduction of the much sturdier mechanical switches that offered better tactile and audible feedback. However although mechanical switches alone are what professionals around the world look for in a keyboard the same is not the case for gamers who are always on the lookout for something unique to place on their desks. Tesoro may not be one of the old players in the market but they know very well what gamers want and their latest Lobera Supreme Full Color Illumination Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which we have here with us today may actually have what it takes to become one of the best-selling models of 2014.

   Tesoro Technology USA Inc, a team of U.S.A gaming enthusiasts. With the objective of designing unique products specially catered to the gamers. We focused on PC gaming and our mission is to create products with better design, increase and reach for peak performances. In the recent years the gaming industry has developed into the ultra-competitive market that we see today. While we are still a relatively young company, established in 2011. Tesoro will continue to strive for the best and continuously evaluate our performance against the very best of the best. Tesoro could not exist without the gaming community who inspire us to excel in the design and production of our award winning gear. As a gamers company, we will continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each product unveiling. We Strive to develop innovative cutting edge computer gaming peripherals to help improve your gaming experience. We maximize our ability to meet the needs of the fast changing PC gaming industry.

   The Lobera got its name from the "wolfslayer" sword used by Saint Ferdinand the 3rd so right from the start you know that we're talking about one very interesting keyboard model. So for starters the Lobera comes wearing the same mechanical switches by Kailh (Blue/Brown/Black/Red) which we've encountered in the past with the PoseidonZ line of mechanical keyboards by TteSPORTS and features 6/Full N-key rollover, 5 different onboard profiles, 6 different illumination levels for the keys, RGB color illumination and 3 macro keys. It also comes ready with one of the best LED placements I’ve ever seen used on a keyboard to date, two USB 2.0 ports, headphones and microphone 3.5mm jacks, gold plated plugs and a DC power port (USB to DC in) which can provide even extra power to the USB ports (just in case you want to use them with 2.5" PHDs). From the specs sheet to real world use things may not be exactly the same so lets see what Tesoro offers with their latest Lobera Supreme Full Color Illumination Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GeckoEye: Security for Peace of Mind

The new security gadget can be mounted anywhere to protect property or watch over children and pets, and it can be connected to any mobile device or computer.

GeckoEye is the newest innovation in home security devices. The versatile gadget provides around-the-clock safety for the home, office, or car. It can even provide a simple and very secure monitor for babies or pets. To date, GeckoEye has produced several prototypes of the camera and software and has tested them for compatibility. The team plans to perfect the apps and the equipment and get it ready for market launch. To begin mass production, an Indiegogo campaign has commenced. The crowdfunding campaign will end on September 21, 2014, and has a funding goal of $100,000 USD.
GeckoEye is an easy replacement for overpriced and outdated security systems. The new device works together with existing technology and is offered for a much more reasonable price. The cameras can be mounted anywhere and can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or PC through Wi-Fi and GeckoEye’s proprietary software, GeckoEye Station.
The new smart-home device comes with a motion detector, 2 HD cameras, a highly sensitive microphone, a solar charger, a high capacity battery, a GPS tracker for locating a vehicle, 128 GB onboard storage plus secured cloud storage. Each GeckoEye customer receives 50 GB of free cloud storage. More storage can be purchased. Cloud storage is always secure and encrypted. User authentication is required in order to access it. 
Users are able to check in on their property from afar with the new technology. Videos can be viewed even from the opposite side of the globe. GeckoEye will send immediate alerts to its user through any preferred form of communication, either SMS, Facebook message, or email. The device can be monitored live or videos may be stored and viewed later.
The sleek camera design is made of high quality materials and comes with aluminum or black polycarbonate casing. GeckoEye is offering the security device to its crowdfunding supporters along with the app and 50 GB of cloud storage per year. With a pledge of just $189 USD, a supporter can receive one black camera set. The sleek aluminum design is granted to supporters that pledge $229 USD. Backers can receive 3 camera sets for a discounted price, and retailers can receive a package of 10 camera sets for a 15% discount, which can be sold in stores. To become a supporter of the campaign, visit
About GeckoEye Project:
The GeckoEye Project team consists of software and hardware developers, designers, engineers, and marketing specialists. They strive to develop smart gadgets that create a sense of calmness and safety for their users. GeckoEye, the all-in-one security device, has been under development for seven months. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Eurocom offers TPM and the highest possible graphics support in SLI in the Panther 5 and X7 Mobile Workstations

The EURCOM Panther 5 and EUROCOM X7 are ultra-high performance systems with no performance or security compromise.  Both support up to two graphics processors in SLI or CrossFireX, as well as Quadro, while the Panther 5 supports the most powerful desktop processors on earth, while the X7 supports the most powerful mobile processors on earth combined with Thunderbolt technology.  Trusted Platform Modules are supported to provide a fundamental aspect to IT security: the root of trust. Embedded into these systems, the TPM provides a proven, safe foundation for more secure computing.

“Video game design teams from all over the world require the highest possible graphics cards such as dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M cards combined with TPM chips for security in a single, mobile system with Thunderbolt technology.  We are seeing a great deal of interest in the EUROCOM X7 and EUROCOM Panther 5 from game developers who need a secure, mobile system with the capability of their desktop” Mark Bialic, Eurocom President.

The EUROCOM Panther 5 and X7 are enterprise class system for professionals creating, studying and manipulating sensitive information, because of this security is essential. Eurocom equipped the Panther 5 and X7 with Trusted Platform Module 1.2 (TPM), finger print reader and Kensington lock port.

Many of our customers utilize their EUROCOM Panther 5 and X7 system for game development, engineering, design, software development and other activities that involve valuable intellectual property information. Due to this, we feel the need to provide them with the utmost in secure computing to keep their information and livelihood safe and secure.

Eurocom offers professionals, gamers and enthusiasts total control of their fully customizable EUROCOM X7; single or dual NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro or AMD Radeon graphics can team up with an optional 32GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, Intel Core i7 Extreme Processors, RAID 0/1/5 capability with SSD, HDD and mSATA support to create blazing mobile performance.

The Thunderbolt port on the X7 provides unprecedented expansion capabilities, transforming the EUROCOM X7 into a complete desktop workstation.

The EUROCOM X7 is perfect for High Performance Computing on the go, it is VGA upgradeable in order to meet future performance and technology needs of users.   Being fully customizable and amazingly flexible, the X7 can be filled with a plethora of top quality, high performance technology to fit a variety of needs.

Personalize your own X7 weapon with a custom backlit keyboard, with 7 colours, 3 zones and 8 modes. A sleek, customizable light illuminates the keyboard, hinting at the power held within the aggressively designed chassis.

The X7 supports beautiful full high definition 1920x1080 matte displays and 120 hz panels are also available. High definition audio, ONKYO sound and Sounds Blaster X-Fi enables users to hear the enemy creeping right up behind them.

EUROCOM Panther 5
The EUROCOM Panther 5 is a workstation and server class notebook with support for Intel Core i7 4000 and Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors, up to I7-4960X Extreme Edition and Xeon E5-2697 v2, 6 Terabytes of storage support, 32 GB DDR3-1600 support via 4 memory modules, RAID 0/1/5/10 and a 1 hour battery life.

The EUROCOM Panther was awarded the 2013 Intel Form Factor Solution Innovation Award for delivering the most innovative mobile solution based on Intel Technology to meet our customers’ demands for mobility. Eurocom corporation successfully conquered the challenge of, packing an appropriate amount of processing capability, storage capacity, memory, and back-up battery into a sub-12 pound form factor, by outfitting a desktop replacement chassis with the highest quality components, including the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 series, Intel® S3700 solid state drives and 32 GB memory – chosen for their ability to support both workstation and server-class operations. The EUROCOM Panther super computer has the performance capabilities of a datacenter server in a portable form factor, complete with workstation tools such as keyboard and monitor.

Solid State, Hybrid, or Enterprise level drives with RAID capability are supported in the Panther. With support for up to four 1.5 terabyte storage drives, the Panther is able to offer 6 terabytes of storage. RAID 0,1,5,10 capability gives users the ultimate in performance or redundancy.  For the most demanding customers Eurocom offers the highest performance Intel and Micron SSDs including the new Intel enterprise SATA 6Gb/s Intel DC S3700 800GB HET MLC SSD.

EUROCOM X7 Specifications
Display: 17.3-inch FHD 1920-by-1080 with Glossy (Glare) or Matte (Non-Glare); 120Hz Optional; LED Backlit
Chipset: Intel HM87 Mobile Express (Haswell)
Processor: 4th Generation Intel Mobile Core i7 4xxx series; up to i7-4940MX Extreme with O/C support
Memory: up to 32GB; DDR3L-1600/1866; 4 RAM sockets
VGA Technology: two MXM 3.0b slots; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M, 870M, 860M, 780M, 770M and 765M or AMD Radeon R9-M290X; supports both SLI and CrossFire; NVIDIA Quadro K5100M, K3100M and K1100M
Storage: up to 5 drives; 2x HDD/SSD (SATA3) + 2x mSATA (SATA3) + 1x HDD/SSD via ODD Bay (SATA2); RAID 0/1/5/10
Card Reader: 9-in-1 MMC/RSMMC/SD/miniSD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo
Optical Drive: DVD-RW, Blu Ray-RW or extra HDD/SSD
Keyboard: Iluminated, backlit with customizable 7-colours
Security: TPM 1.2, Fingerprint and Kensington Lock
Webcam: two webcams: 5M (front cover) and 1M (backcover); FHD
Audio System: Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3; external 7.1CH audio output; headphone out, microphone in, S/PDIF and Line-in port; two built-in ONKYO Speakers (2.2W)+ Subwoofer (2.5W)
Ports: 1x Thunderbolt; 1x DP 1.2 (via Thunderbolt port) 1x HDMI out; 1x eSATA/USB 3.0; 4x USB 3.0 (1x Powered USB AC/DC); 1x USB 2.0; S/PDIF; Headphone; Mic; Line-in; RJ45 (LAN)
Weight and dimensions: 4.0kg (8.8lbs); WxDxH 419x295x42-54.8mm (16.76x11.8x1.68-2.19")

EUROCOM Panther 5 Specifications
Display: 17.3-inch FHD 1920-by-1080-pixels; 60Hz, 120Hz or 3D 120Hz Wide Viewing Angle; Glossy or Matte; LED Backlit
Core Logic: Intel C600/X79 Express Chipset
Processor: up to Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition or XEON E5-2600 v2 series; LGA2011
VGA/Graphics TECHNOLOGY: Modular MXM 3.0b; NVIDIA: GTX 880M, GTX 870M, GTX 780M, GTX 770M, GTX 680M, GTX 675MX, GTX 670MX (Kepler); QUADRO K5100M, K4100M, K3100M, K2100M; AMD Radeon R9-M290X; supports both SLI and CrossFireX
Memory: up to 32GB; DDR3-1333/1600/1866; four physical SODIMM sockets
Expansion: Built-in ExpressCard 34/54 slot
Storage: up to 6TB of storage with four physical SSD, Hybrid or HDD, RAID 0/1/5/10 support; SATA 6Gb/s
Optical Drive Bay: DVD-RW or Blu Ray Burner or 4th HDD/SSD
I/O Ports: 3x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0; eSATA; Firewire-800 (TI XIO2221ZAY); DisplayPort v1.2; DVI-I (SL); HDMI 1.4a out w/HDCP; Headphone; Microphone; S/PDIF out; Line-in; RJ-45 / LAN
Communication: built-in 10/100/1000Mb Base-TX Ethernet LAN (Intel 82579V); WLAN (optional); Bluetooth v2.1+EDR (optional); 2M Video Webcam (built-in)
Security: TPM 1.2; Fingerprint, Kensington Lock
Keyboard: Backlit; full-size with separate numeric keypad; W/A/S/D gaming key; built-in touchpad with multi-gesture and scrolling functions; 6 touch sensor instant buttons: Volume Up/Down, Mute, WLAN, BT, Webcam
Weight/Dimensions: 5.5kg (12.1lbs); 419(W)x286(D)x57.9-62.1(H)mm (16.76x11.44x2.31-2.48inch)

Friday, August 22, 2014

GIGABYTE Radeon R9 280 WINDFORCE 3GB OC Video Card Review


TweakTown image content/6/5/6573_02_gigabyte_radeon_r9_280_windforce_3gb_oc_video_card_review.jpg

Earlier in the year, we saw AMD launch the R9 280, and we got a chance to look at the Sapphire version of the model. To say we left feeling unimpressed would be an understatement. The R9 280 was and is a rebadged HD 7950. That's not a bad thing. The HD 7950 was and is a great video card, but the price that AMD launched it at was just too high to be truly considered reasonable.

I said that the model was a misstep in what had been a near flawless launch of the R series of video cards. AMD had just chosen to launch the model at a price that wasn't reasonable and made no sense. Recently, AMD dropped the price on the model, and we feel that it now sits at a much better place. In an effort to fix the negative press that surrounded it initially, they're now making a push to have the model reexamined.

Today, we're looking at one of the three R9 280 3GB cards we have on hand. We'll be looking at them in a few different ways. The first one today comes from GIGABYTE and we'll simply be running it at the out of the box speeds to see just how the model performs these days with the latest drivers.

With the other two, we want to take the time to look at the overclocking performance of the model along with CrossFire performance by pairing up two of the cards. But, those two articles are for later. It's been a long time since we've had the chance to look at a GIGABYTE card, and if it wasn't for the fact that this particular one came from AMD, it would probably be even longer before we saw one.

Package - What comes inside the box

TweakTown image content/6/5/6573_03_gigabyte_radeon_r9_280_windforce_3gb_oc_video_card_review.jpg

TweakTown image content/6/5/6573_04_gigabyte_radeon_r9_280_windforce_3gb_oc_video_card_review.jpg

Taking a look at the front of the box, we have the GIGABYTE logo at the top, while across the bottom we have the model number. Towards the middle of the box, you can see that this is a WINDFORCE and OC Version of the R9 280. Flipping the box over, you can see that GIGABYTE goes into more detail on the WINDFORCE cooling solution, which uses a triple fan setup. We'll look at it all a bit closer on the next page when we check out the card.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6573_05_gigabyte_radeon_r9_280_windforce_3gb_oc_video_card_review.jpg

Opening the box and diving inside, you can see there's not too much going on with the bundle. You've got the usual suspects: a Quick Guide and Driver CD; two power connectors, with one being a Dual Molex to 6-Pin PCIe and the other a Dual Molex to 8-Pin PCIe one; a CrossFire connector; and a MiniDP to DisplayPort connector.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mobile Device-Controlled Light Bulbs

MANCHESTER, U.K. — One of the easiest ways to enhance décor and boost mood is to change interior lighting. Now EasyBulb Plus puts the power of lights in its users’ hands via their mobile devices, enabling them to control their lights from anywhere in the world. EasyBulb Plus creator Gigateq Limited has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1,000 by September 10 to begin production of its latest invention.
Having already devised in 2012 a light bulb that is controlled by a mobile device, Gigateq Limited’s new EasyBulb Plus has built upon the earlier design offering more features and an enhanced app to control lights that is available across all platforms, including iOS, Android OS, and open API with Windows OS coming soon.
EasyBulb Plus can be controlled in just about any way imaginable, from changing to any color of the rainbow to night sleep mode with gradual dimming. “The color wheel on the app lets you easily match your lighting to your mood,” said Gigateq’s Henry Ofodieze. “Or, instead of using the color wheel, you can simply speak to your device to tell the app what color you want.”
Other features of EasyBulb Plus include the proximity setting, signaling for lights to turn on upon arrival at home and turn off upon departure. It can also be synced with any music source, including iTunes, to integrate music and lights together and can even give phone call and message alerts with a blinking green and white light. “EasyBulb Plus is the perfect device for small businesses owners, like DJs, photographers, and restaurant and store owners,” said Ofodieze.
Energy efficient and cost-effective with a 9 watt LED bulb and a lifespan of 50,000 hours (approximately 25 years of average use), the EasyBulb Plus is also compatible in every country. It is easily installed by simply replacing an existing bulb, downloading the app on any smart device, and connecting the EasyBulb Plus Wi-Fi box. Low heat technology ensures EasyBulb will not burn skin, and lights can still be operated by a physical light switch as well.
There are two types of EasyBulb Plus. The first is the RGBW, which has the option of the full spectrum of color, including pure white. The second is the EasyBulb Plus White Light Only, which produces only white light but can be altered from warm to cool white according to preference. Access to lighting – either one bulb at a time or groups of lights – is completely secure with EasyBulb Plus’ built-in WPA2 encryption, so no unauthorized users can control the lights.
Those contributing to the crowdfunding campaign will receive special discounts on their EasyBulb Plus, which should be ready for shipment in November 2014. Those contributing $62 will receive one EasyBulb Plus with white or grey base with their choice of either RGBW or White Light Only. A contribution of $99 will get a choice of two, $150 for a choice of three, $180 for a choice of four, and $240 for a choice of six. For contributors that want different color bases, they can get four EasyBulb Plus lights in either RGBW or White Light Only in the base color of their choosing for $220 or six in the base color of their choosing for $270.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eurocom offers Linux based, fully upgradeable, high quality Laptops and Notebooks for back to school

Eurocom is now shipping Linux based Notebooks and Laptops, perfect for students heading back to school.

Students can save by choosing Linux based operating systems, combined with a 10% discount as part of the Eurocom Education Program.

For students who require more performance and capability Eurocom also offers NVIDIA Quadro based Mobile Workstations for engineering and design students, combined with Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon processors.

Purchasing through the Eurocom Education Program gives students the equipment they need to achieve their greatness with a 10 percent discount.

Eurocom systems support Linux operating systems, we install these operating systems on systems that support them, and we recommend Ubuntu or Linux.

Why Eurocom?
The upgradability of a Eurocom system is an attractive feature for anyone from engineering to graphics, to mobile application and game developing students. The freedom to upgrade parts is unique to Eurocom. Not limited to just memory modules and storage drives, it also includes the ability to swap out for a better graphics card, or even boost the processor.

At Eurocom, the customer has a great deal of choice when ordering their new laptop or notebook. Users can choose between a variety of processors, storage drives, memory, displays, keyboards and even operating systems for their little Monster.

Eurocom notebooks are perfect for new or current post-secondary students to build a comprehensive portfolio of work to take with them as they start their chosen career. They’re small, lightweight but have maximum power, proving that size doesn’t matter.

“If you buy a notebook from Eurocom as a high school graduation gift, it’s built to last past University graduation” Mark Bialic, Eurocom president.

Why Linux?
Linux based operating systems are a great alternative to Windows operating systems because they are less prone to virus attacks, are very secure, while having a stylish and intuitive interface. Linux distributions like Ubuntu give users a streamlined experience that they can really make their own.

With Ubuntu or Mint users become part of a massive, open source community that provides support through millions of other fellow users. 

Recommended Systems:
Shocking performance, buttery smooth frame rates, long battery life and ultra-portability. A perfect fit for those who want to conquer today’s mobile gaming world. The EUROCOM M3 is the most powerful 13.3 inch notebook ever made!
Display: 13.3-inch (33.78cm); FHD 1920x1080; MATTE; 700:1; IPS Wide Viewing Angle Display; Backlight LED; eDP
VGA Technology: on-board NVIDIA GTX 765M with 2GB of DDR5 VRAM; Optimus 2.0
Chipset: High Performance Intel Mobile HM87 Express (Haswell)
Processor: up to Intel® Core™ i7-4930MX Processor Extreme Edition with HD Graphics 4600
Memory: up to 16GB DDR3L-1600/1866; two SODIMM sockets; Dual Channel
Storage: up to 3.5TB of storage; 3 physical SATA3 (6Gb/s) drives; 2x mSATA3 + 1x HDD/SSD
Keyboard: Backlit keyboard with 3-levels of intensity
Audio System: Sound Blaster Cinema; High Definition Audio; 2 built-in speakers and microphone
Ports: USB 2.0; 3x USB 3.0 (1x powered AC/DC); HDMI 1.4a out; VGA; Headphone; Mic; RJ45/LAN
Communication: 1Gigabit LAN; WLAN; Bluetooth
Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs (with battery)
Dimensions: WxDxH 330x227x31.9mm; 13.2x9.98x1.28-inch
Battery Life: up to 300 minutes; 62.16WH battery
Security: Embedded TPM 1.2 (optional)

EUROCOM Electra 2
Display: 15.6-inch FHD 1920-by-1080; Matte (Non-Glare) Backlight LED; optional IPS available
VGA Technology: on-board NVIDIA GTX 850M (Maxwell); 2GB of DDR3 VRAM; with NVIDIA Battery Boost and
GPU Boost 2.0
Chipset: High Performance Intel Mobile HM87 Express (Haswell)
Processor: up to Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX Processor Extreme Edition with HD Graphics 4600
Memory: up to 16GB DDR3L-1600/1866; two SODIMM sockets; Dual Channel
Storage: up to 3.5TB of storage; 3 physical drives; 1x mSATA3 + 1x HDD/SSD + 1 HDD/SSD (via ODD bay)
Optical Drive: internal Blu Ray Burner or DVD-RW or 2nd HDD/SSD
Audio System: Sound Blaster Cinema; High Definition Audio; 2 built-in speakers and microphone
Ports: USB 2.0; 2x USB 3.0 (1x powered AC/DC); eSATA (USB 3.0 combo); HDMI 1.4a out; VGA/CRT port for external display; Headphone; Mic-in; RJ45/LAN
Communication: 1Gigabit LAN; WLAN; Bluetooth
Weight: 2.4kg / 5.28lbs
Dimensions: 374 x 252 x 14-26.8mm / 14.96 x 10.2 x 0.56-1.07inch
Battery Life: up to 300 minutes; 62.16WH battery
Security: Kensington Lock and Embedded TPM 1.2 (optional)

Display: 15.6-inch FHD 1920-by-1080 pixels; Matte (Non-Glare); LED Backlit Display; 95% NTSC op
Security: H/W based TPM 1.2 Data Encryption and Fingerprint Recognition
Keyboard: Backlit keyboard with three levels of brightness; 1.40±0.2mm full travel keys
Chipset: Intel HM87 (Haswell) Mobile Express Chipset
Processor: Intel 4th Generation i7 Processors; up to Extreme i7-4940MX
Memory: up to 24GB; 3 RAM sockets; DDR3L-1600/1866
VGA Technology: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M (Maxwell); 2GB DDR5; Optimus; Turbo Boost 2.0
Storage: up to 4 drives; 2x HDD/SSD (SATA3)+ 1x mSATA (SATA3) + 1x HDD/SSD via ODD bay (SATA2);RAID 0/1
Card Reader: 9-in-1 MMC/RSMMC/SD/miniSD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo
Optical Drive: DVD-RW or Blu Ray-RW; exchangeable with 4th HDD/SDD
Webcam: 2M FHD 1920x1080; 30fps; with Samsung HD sensor
Audio System: Sound Blaster Cinema; two built-in 2W speakers; built in microphone; S/PDIF Digital Output
Connectivity: 1 Gigabit LAN on-board; WLAN and Bluetooth
Ports: HDMI 1.4a out; VGA/CRT out; 1x eSATA/USB 3.0; 3x USB 3.0; 1x USB 2.0; S/PDIF; Headphone; Mic; Line-in; RJ45 (LAN)
Weight: 2.7kg (5.94lbs)
Dimensions WxDxH: 374x250x16.3-42.7mm (14.06x10x0.65-1.71 inch)

Apotop’s Wi-Copy Offers Multiple Solutions For On-the-Go

Apotop, maker of creative electronics and peripherals, has a unique multi-use mobile helper. The Wi-Copy is a multi-use mobile device that provides computer-less file copying, wireless streaming, and backup power.

With the Apotop Wi-Copy, you can share a single internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously, transfer files between an iOS or Android device and a USB/SD without an Internet connection (using the free App), stream up to five HD movies simultaneously to multiple iOS or Android devices (using the free App) and use the built-in rechargeable 5200mAh battery for up to 14 hours of continuous usage.
Featuring an ultra-compact design and requiring no computer to transfer between SD cards and USB flash drives, the Wi-Copy allows for a multitude of mobile solutions. Now you don’t need to use your computer to copy files for a friend or coworker.

The Wi-Copy allows you to use your phone to transfer files between storage devices. Photos taken using digital cameras or important work data can be stored and backed up instantly. You'll never have to carry your laptop along or worry that your large files can't be transmitted.

Enjoy videos without going online and using bandwidth. Wirelessly connect your smart phone or tablet to an SD card or USB flash drive via a dedicated App and backup photos to the storage media. You can also use your smart device to wirelessly access music, videos, pictures and documents. High transmission bandwidth even allows multiple users to access the same content so you can share multiple videos and documents with friends or coworkers.

At the same time, enjoy the Wi-Copy as a full power bank where you can charge your mobile device anytime. The unit is equipped with a 5200mAh battery which can be used for 14 hours. It even supports fast charging.

Lastly, the Wi-Copy is a wireless router. Your worries about not having a wireless hotspot in hotels is over. The Wi-Copy conveniently converts a wired internet connection into a mobile hotspot allowing connections from smartphone, tablets and laptops.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EVERCOOL new wireless speaker‏

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd. the professional and well-known cooler and fan brand release brand-new wireless speaker.

BT-100 is designed by all-black capsule covered in a shell of iron, the speaker conveys the clearest sound with 2pcs 40mm 3 W driver units.Approximately 8-hour battery life is perfect for a long use or outing.

Portable Bluetooth speaker takes your music outdoors. BT-100 system offers exquisite sound with a convenient setup.

Buit-in microphone allows you to take an incoming call seamlessly when music is playing. NFC function support. You only need to tap NFC area of device to pair with speaker.

Monday, August 18, 2014

SilverStone Raven SST-RV05B-W Full-Tower Chassis Review

TweakTown image content/6/5/6561_99_silverstone_raven_sst_rv05b_w_full_tower_chassis_review.jpg

In our time here at TweakTown, we have seen SilverStone release the Raven Series from its birth, and have had the pleasure of seeing each and every design implementation and change along the way. We have seen the Raven Series grow from a chassis that was stylistically ahead of its time with the RV01, and it took the market by storm. Throughout the series, Silverstone has played with which side of the chassis the motherboard was on, and changed the styling all the way through the series. The RV04 only displayed vague hints at the original design and concept brought forth, but it was still eye catching and worthy of purchasing. We have also seen SilverStone change storage racks as new designs evolve in the market; they have moved away from the ninety degree orientation that made the original Raven such a hit.

Just when we thought that there weren't too many places that SilverStone could have improved on, even if selecting the best components of all of the designs, they come forth with a new Raven that does just that. This time, SilverStone has made a much less complicated interior, and brought back more of the original styling. However, things are completely different, even down to how the door mechanisms work. Typically, redesigns are based primarily on the previous design, and with the latest chassis to grace the Raven Series, we find that every bit of the design is different, and it's somewhat ingenious once we see how it all comes into play.

The reason we have you here today is to look at the SST-RV05B-W from the Raven series that we just received from Silverstone. This is a full-tower design that returns the ninety degree motherboard orientation, but there is another "angle" to this design as well. With all four feet planted firmly, this Raven also sports an aggressive forward lean to it to go along with the aggressive restyling of the exterior. This all makes for one of the best looking Raven designs we have seen. For the fans of the Raven Series, this is a chassis that conforms to all the latest in a feature set, while still offering that styling that you love. For those who have never seen a Raven chassis prior to this, this is a great time and place to start, because in our opinion, SilverStone has outdone themselves with this latest implementation.

TweakTown image content/6/5/6561_01_silverstone_raven_sst_rv05b_w_full_tower_chassis_review.png

The chart provided by SilverStone shows that there are two flavors of this design. There is the SST-RV05B, which is the Raven 05 in black paint. There is also the RV05B-W, or the windowed version in black, which is the version that we have here. Both designs are based on steel framing and structural components, while the trim at the top, down the front, and even on the sides and bottom, is all made from ABS plastic, in black of course, to match the painted steel. The front I/O is at the top, and under a rubber cover. There you will find two USB 3.0 ports, and HD audio jacks, all between the power and reset buttons. The PWR_LED is a wide, chevron shaped light across the front bezel of the case. Of course, in this design we have a large window in the left side of the chassis, which affords a full view of the interior as well.

Speaking of the interior, we have a motherboard tray oriented to the right at ninety degrees, and even with less space than many other Raven cases, it can still house Micro-ATX, ATX, and SSI-CEB motherboards. There are no optical drive bays in the traditional sense, but they have added a tray to the right side that allows for the use of a slot load optical drive. As for storage drives, there is a removable cage that houses a pair of 3.5" drives, and behind the motherboard tray, we also have two locations to support 2.5" drives. The bottom of the chassis is the intake, and there are a pair of 180mm Air Penetrator fans supplied on the floor. A huge bonus to the design here is that once these are removed, there is room for a pair of 140mm fans, or a trio of 120mm fans, and of course, that also means internal water cooling support. There is one other location where a 120mm fan can be added if desired, and that is at the top of the chassis.

There are some limitations to this design. SilverStone states that you need a CPU cooler that is 162mm or less to fit inside of the chassis. They also state that video cards can be no longer than 12.3" with the fans still in the chassis, and even less if you plan to water cool. One restriction they do not mention is behind the motherboard tray; there is limited room there for wiring. So, for a clean looking installation, you may want to ponder a PSU with individually sleeved cables, or even SilverStone's own Strider Gold S Series, which comes with flat, ribbon style cabling.

Availability seems quite high at the moment, as we were able to locate this chassis anywhere we looked. Although, it struck us as a bit odd that whether you opt for the windowed side panel or not, it seems both models demand the same price. The best deal we found was the $115.99 listings via, as most other locations only go up from there. Considering what the previous models are still fetching currently, this is also the most cost efficient Raven design we have ever tested. While we do typically like to hold our opinion on value until the end, we will go right on ahead and say that the SST-RV05B-W not only offers all of the best of the current market, but it also harks back to the original design, and proves its worth once the build is complete.