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Saturday, July 12, 2014

G5 Adds New Content & Welcome Features to Brave Tribe 1.3.0 (iOS)

 The Brave Tribe 1.3.0 update from G5 Entertainment and Taploft is out on iOS now. In the latest version, to fans' great delight, we have added a new function, allowing them play with their active friends and delete those who are not helping them in the village any more. This means you'll have free slots for more active friends thus more gifts and helping hands! Also, with 1.3.0 version you'll get 70 new quests, a new decoration - Bridge, a new threat to fight against - Siege Tower, and one new collection with a key to special bonuses. This new update also brings lots of improvements and, as usual, is now free on the App Store. Lovable characters, fantastic new adventures, keen fights and witty humor are awaiting you in Brave Tribe 1.3.0. Check it out now!

What's New in Version 1.3.0:

Are you ready to accept a brave new challenge? A brand new update is here to make village life even more dramatic and exciting!

- 70 THRILLING NEW QUESTS - Can you complete them all with valor and courage?
- ROMAN SIEGE TOWERS - Protect your village from the gravest enemy yet!
- NEW ROMAN COLLECTION - Fight off the Romans to get special items and valuable rewards.
- FRIENDS IN NEED - Earn additional resources for helping your loyal friends.
- IMPROVEMENTS AND FIXES - Your favorite story keeps getting better and better!

About the game:

Set in a bright green world, Brave Tribe, invites you to an amusing country where players cultivate crops, build workshops and houses, remove trees, rocks and grass, and occasionally battle against Roman spies...

A long, long time ago, when men still plaited braids in their beards, there was a happy village in the heart of Hibernia's primeval forest. The villagers - lovable Irish Celts - above all valued peace, a healthy lifestyle, ecology and beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, the Romans have begun destroying the forest to construct a huge aqueduct. Help defend the village against this encroaching threat, which includes Roman spies, warriors and siege towers. Beat your enemies back and preserve your village's way of life! Look after forest animals, welcome quirky travelers, grow crops and be a witness to passionate affairs of the heart. Use magic runes to beautify your village with special buildings and decorations and cooperate with friends to keep your tribe prosperous and safe! Most importantly, discover the ancient secret to happiness in this sunny and absorbing fable!

The game is developed by Taploft and published on iOS by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:
● Over 580 quests to keep you entertained
● Over 200 decorations to spruce up your village
● 50+ special buildings to construct
● 12 funny and amazing characters to meet
● 17 crops to cultivate on your farms
● 14 enemies to fight with all your might

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