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Monday, June 02, 2014

PQI Showcases Exclusive OTG Storage Devices at Computex 2014

PQI, the world's leading media storage peripheral brand, will be showcasing the world's first Apple-certified Lightning Dual USB that is compatible with both iOS and Android as well as its newest cutting-edge, stylish, high-quality products at Booth I0511 on the first floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. PQI's exhibition space will be transformed into a fun, interactive "smart life paradise," a relaxing, laid-back space where visitors can enjoy all-new interactive experiences made possible by smart technology.
 Full Range of Exciting Products: World's First Apple Lightning Dual USB / Ultra Mini On-the-Go Series / 
Children's Inspirational USB Drive Series / Connection Series
 PQI Gmobi iStick is the only OTG storage device tailored specifically to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and provides an ideal solution to the problem of insufficient built-in storage space among mobile devices. It is also the first Apple-certified Lightning to USB device that allows two-way transmission of photos, music, and videos and can be used on Macs, notebooks, and tablets. The user-friendly push-pull design eliminates the problem of losing the cap and comes in an easy-to-carry dual purpose body.
 The World's Smallest On-the-Go Series: A new trend for smartphone storage—the PQI Connect series uses exclusive patented COB 3.0 technology to create the world’s smallest OTG (USB "On the Go") expandable storage device. Light, thin, and compact, the series is equipped with both micro and standard USB connectors. The user only needs to plug the micro USB connector into a smartphone or tablet to easily transfer files to the device, where the files are automatically organized according to file type. The Connect can sync with Facebook, solving problems of limited, non-expandable storage space on smartphones and tablets. Plus, there is no need for cumbersome cables. Sharing is simple and instant. The standard USB connector on the other end can be used to freely access files, just like a common USB thumb drive. Through the micro USB connector, music, video, and files on the device may be directly transferred to a smartphone or tablet. Multiple files may be copied at once, saving you loads of waiting time.

The PQI Connect 301 is meticulously designed to be slim and portable. Its stylish denim-inspired exterior is a unique fashion statement. It's like nothing else on the market—a storage device and a fashion accessory.

PQI Children's Inspirational Animal Series: PQI Connect 303 -Playful Panda
Big, innocent eyes on a cute round face—meet the adorable Playful Panda!
All PQI Connect series products include a strap that can be used as a cellphone accessory an dust cover for your headphones. You can expand your smartphone's storage memory at a fraction of the cost of a phone with more memory, and you can even use it with your next phone. Convenient, practical, and functional—this is an industry-leading mobile peripheral!

The PQI Children's Inspirational Animals Series: PQI Connect 304-Lucky Cat Series uses the charm of PQI's "Lucky Cat" image to add a splash of color and good luck to your busy life. It comes in the following styles:
Rich Gold—Blessing you with wealth and career opportunities.
Lucky Red—Wishing you health and happiness.
Energetic Blue—Bringing you the freedom to pursue your hopes and dreams.

l   The newest member of the PQI Children's Inspirational USB Series—the i845 Rocky. Bring back childhood memories with the do-it-yourself assembly design. Adults and children will love this cute accessory, while the adorable rocking-horse motion will bring a smile to everyone's face as they recall the carefree days of their childhood. Our exclusive COB packaging technology makes the device waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and durable, giving your important files the best possible protection. And the attached chain turns the device into a phone charm or keychain accessory for easy portability. With its charming exterior, it is a great choice for a birthday or Christmas present.

l   PQI Connection Series
u  On-The-Go Card Reader: We offer card readers that support micro SD and standard SD cards, solving non-expandable storage problems in many current smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.
u  Smart Media Hub: a 3-in-1 device that offers micro SD, standard SD, and USB data transmission. Instantly share videos, documents, music, and photos from your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, or laptop.
u  MHL Smart Connection Kit: Besides offering data transmission for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and laptops, this device can also connect to a TV's HDMI port to display media directly on the screen. It's a versatile device in a small package.

Introducing the PQI "Smart Home"—Live the Future, Now!
With the advent of wearable technology, smart life applications, and interconnected devices, technology is no longer difficult or confusing to use. PQI's range of smart family applications makes your life smarter!

l   The PQI Remote Center smart home remote control system puts everything in your home under your control. Seven IR emitters work together to ensure that every nook and cranny is covered by the system, while the unique curved triangular design minimizes interference. Take control of your home with one quick, invisible touch.
l   PQI Smart Plug- Smart remote-controlled power outlets turn on and off automatically through remote monitoring—no manual switching needed.
l   PQI IP Cam- Smart high-definition monitoring cameras are quick and easy to set up. View real-time video feeds of your home. Don't miss crucial information—keep your family and your property safe.
l  PQI Power Drive- This 3-in-1 mobile power supply is a Wi-Fi hotspot, storage device, and battery charger all in one. Its sleek, lightweight form contains expandable memory, Wi-Fi for data transmission and instant sharing, and four AAA batteries for power supply. Charge your device and access your media on the go!
l   PQI Power Bank- This mobile power supply is a reservoir for your iPad or any other tablet, offering a maximum of 6.6 consecutive charges. Designed to provide a seamless user experience, the device features a retractable cord design, meaning you'll never have to worry about forgetting a cord again. With a sleek, minimalistic exterior and countless design details that enhance the experience, this device is sure to turn heads.

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