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Friday, May 09, 2014

Satellite phones

Now that the world seems to have mastered the mobile phone, the industry has raised the bar for service. Satellite phones function much like cell phones but they connect to orbiting satellites instead of cellular towers. Most users like the fact that coverage for sat phone plans might include the entire world instead of specific geographical areas or countries. This is an especially important feature for those who travel frequently or conduct business in several different countries.

Most of the prepaid plans for the inmarsat isatphone require a $10 SIM card fee. Unused minutes carry over but the card expires after 180 days. The convenient feature of these plans is that they can be reloaded from a website, so it is not necessary to search for a local location. 

The standard plan has a one time activation fee of $44.95 and 10 minutes without having to pay a per-minute surcharge. There is an option to pay for an annual plan and the cost per minute differs for land lines and cell phones. Selecting this plan implies a one-month contract.

It is a good idea to explore all the plans and estimate costs based on usage, if you plan to buy a satellite phone. Although it offers the convenience of a much wider area of coverage, extended conversations on this device could become expensive. Buyers should also be aware that some countries like North Korea and Burma ban satellite phones, while India requires users to get special permission to use them.

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