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Monday, May 19, 2014

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi slated to release its first tablet device

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is reportedly interested in releasing its first tablet device, as the country continues to become more tech savvy. Xiaomi has a product launch event scheduled for May 15 in Beijing, though hasn't publicly disclosed what will be announced.

TweakTown image news/3/7/37616_01_chinese_manufacturer_xiaomi_slated_to_release_its_first_tablet_device.jpg

Xiaomi is the No. 5 phone manufacturer in China, despite being just four years old - and expanding into the tablet market could be quite appealing for the Chinese market. The company reached a major success with its Mi 3 smartphone last October, when it sold 100,000 units in less than two minutes.

Despite Apple and Samsung controlling the tablet market, there is room for a Chinese manufacturer to make strides - especially in its home market - as Lenovo is putting pressure on rivals. Xiaomi should remain committed to expanding its business in China, and hold aside aspirations for western expansion.

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