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Saturday, May 17, 2014

A new 3D printer that allows you to print your own cosmetic

. A new 3D printer has surfaced that is aimed straight at the person who loves makeup. That stuff can get expensive, especially if you buy lots of colors.

TweakTown image news/3/7/37571_4_mink_3d_makeup_printer_lets_people_create_their_own_cosmetics.jpg

Mink is a 3D printer that will let anyone create their own lipstick or eye shadow in their home. The printer is able to replicate any color into a wearable cosmetic. The creator of the cool Mink printer is Grace Choi, a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

Choi hopes to put the printer into production for $300 and promises that the ink and color needed to create the makeup will be competitively priced as well. Mink works based on the hex code of the colors. That means as long as you can get the hex code, the printer can make any shade you desire. That hex code can be found using something like Colourzilla, a Chrome extension and other software. The printer is targeting women age 13 to 21.

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