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Monday, April 21, 2014

Learning programming the easier way

Ever tried programming and found it hard to grasp what exactly the whole concept behind it? There are just so many programming languge out there that leaves one puzzled on how to program one program. The easier solution has arrived with the new simplied way of programming. The concept is similar to that if the Raspberry PI whereby it is a modular way of learning programming and you would be able to have experiential learning by seeing the works happen right in front of your eyes. It is a system based off the Raspberry Pi actually :).

Highlighted features:

- nice, easy and clean learning environment
- simple code examples with full documentation
- keychain with 7 digital sensors
- smart mobile app

Check out their Kickstarter page today to take a look. 

Out of the box:
  • Measure almost anything
  • Draw nice and clean graphs - Play and tweak games such as Snake, Space invaders, Breakout and have fun
  • Detect movement and ambient parameters
  • Build a simple weather station
  • Simple to prepare best Green Tea 
  • Use it as KeyFob
  • Construction measurement tool
  • Build a wireless server

Or realize your own ideas..

What else can you do with it:

  • Share your captured data remotely
  • Code your own game
  • Work and share projects with your friends remotely
  • Real-time graphics print

You are limited only with the extent of your ideas..

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