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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Casetop updates from Livi Design

For those interested parties who are waiting for the launch of Casetop, here are some updates for the product.

We are moving steadily towards final manufacturable design and production of the Casetop. Since the strong showing at our Kickstarter campaign last summer (thanks again!), there have been many challenges overcome and goals accomplished. Firstly, I have joined John on his journey to create the first universal work dock for your pokedex. I am currently completing my MBA in technology commercialization and I bring with me many skills in business that will benefit Livi Design moving forward. In addition, Henry Choy has also joined the team and brings accounting and financial knowledge with his CA and experience working with startup companies previously. 
Updated Spec SheetUpdated Spec Sheet
*Chromakey Green only for Press Images 
 Secondly, we have moved from the proof of concept stage to the production prototyping stage. We have engaged a technical institute and other board manufacturing companies in order to design a customized motherboard that will contain all the functionality we envision the Casetop to have and more. Update

We have a new redesigned website to become more accessible and informative. We invite you to check out the new website and tell your friends to sign up for our newsletter and updates. So you are probably wondering at this point when you will get the Casetop in your hands. We apologize for the delays so far but we want to be able to deliver a high quality product. In striving for that, inevitably there will be challenges we need to overcome and resulting delays. While it is difficult for us to give you an exact date, we are hoping, if the design and prototyping goes smoothly, to have units ready to ship during Quarter 3 of 2014. We understand your disappointment in this news, and as Kickstarter fans, we’ve been on your side many times as well. We’d love to have you all along on this wonderful adventure in changing the world, one Casetop at a time. 

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