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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Samsung starts manufacturing industry's most advanced 20nm 4Gb DDR3

Samsung Electronics made an announcement that it has started the mass production of 20 nanometer based DDR3 memory modules. The company is using the immersion ArF lithography to roll out 20nm based 4Gb for its most advance DDR3 memory.


Young-Hyun Jun, the executive VP of memory sales and marketing for Samsung Electronics said,"Samsung's new energy-efficient 20-nanometer DDR3 DRAM will rapidly expand its market base throughout the IT industry including the PC and mobile markets, quickly moving to mainstream status. Samsung will continue to deliver next-generation DRAM and green memory solutions ahead of the competition, while contributing to the growth of the global IT market in close cooperation with our major customers."

Samsung said that it refined its design and manufacturing by using modified double patterning and atomic layer deposition. Because of this, Samsung was able to improve the scaling of its NAND flash memory. According to the manufacturing giant, this technology marks a new milestone as it allows 20nm DRR3 memory production using these equipments. It also helped them to establish a core technology required for next generation 10nm DRAM production.

Thanks to the manufacturing process, Samsung was able to improve its manufacturing productivity by up to 30% higher than previous manufacturing yield of 25nm DDR3 chips and more than twice of 30nm production. It is also 25% energy efficient in comparison 25nm DDR3 chips.

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