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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Original Kindle Paperwhite update adds new features

Amazon has been peddling the Kindle Paperwhite reader for a longtime now. If you are using one of the original first generation units, your device lacks some of the features of the second-generation units. Amazon is fixing that with an OTA software update for the first gen Paperwhite.


One of the big features that the update adds is Goodreads integration. After the update is applied, the "g" icon turns up on the Paperwhite menu bar as it does on newer devices. With Goodreads integration, the user is able to put their books into lists, share digital bookshelves, and post book excerpts among other things.

Goodreads integration isn't all the update brings. Parents get the FreeTime function to be able to track their kids reading habits. Users can also now skim a book without losing their place thanks to Page Flip.

If you take advantage of the word look up feature of the tablet, you will also get new options including dictionary, Wikipedia, and X-Ray information. The update is coming to the first generation Kindle in the next few weeks. It can be downloaded manually if you want the new features now.

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