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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spy Gear for the 21st Century Consumer‏

The fictional spy world has always captured our imaginations with forward-thinking gadgets. From James Bond to Jason Bourne, our favorite movie spies have inspired a new generation of technology. The latest imaginative gadgets provide consumers with convenience, functionality and a whole lot of style. From glasses that follow voice commands to headbands that read brain waves, these gadgets will make you feel like a top-level agent. Let your imagination run wild with the coolest new technology available to consumers:

The Glasses

Eyeglasses help people get the best picture of what's around them, and Google's new technology accessory takes that principle to a whole new level. Google Glass brings most smartphone functions to eye level in the form of a small frame. Users control the device using voice commands and a small display attached to the frame. Users activate the devices by saying "OK Glass" followed by a command. You can search something on Google, record a video, get directions and send messages hands free. Google Glass is still in beta testing, but it should be available to the public sometime in 2014. Take computing convenience to a whole new level with this wearable device.

Photo by tedeytan via Flickr

The Watch

The advent of the smartwatch is upon us, and for these devices, telling time is just the beginning. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch connects with the Samsung Galaxy Note. This watch can record voice memos, control music and locate its corresponding device. Even secret agents haven't had access to this type of technology. Some critics claim that smartwatches are technology overkill, but if you're a techie looking for the next fix, this accessory may be the way to go.

Photo by Janitors via Flickr

The Training Device

Spies need to stay focused at all times, and an exciting new device is helping people reach peak levels of focus. The Melon Headband is an EEG device that measures your brain waves and sends the data to a corresponding mobile app. With this information, you can determine which environments, activities and emotions deliver high levels of concentration. The Melon app provides personalized tips to get you back on track when your focus dips. Invest in the Melon and you'll see your concentration rise to secret agent-like levels.

The Transportation

Consumers looking for a quick way to get around will enjoy Onewheel, a skateboard prototype recently introduced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Showcase. Onewheel is a self-balancing electric skateboard that got its start on crowdfunding platform This devices features a single tire in the middle of a standing board. Housed within these components is a 500W hub motor and a 48V Lithium battery. This unique transportation devices provides the experience of riding a skateboard without the hassle of pushing.

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