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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Google Android ended 2013 with a bang, extending market share lead

The Google Android mobile operating system ended 2013 by boosting its market share in key markets spread across the world, according to research group Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Android held a slim lead against iOS, 50.6 percent compared to 43.9 percent held by iOS, in what should be a fun market share battle for 2014.


Through Q4 2013, Android dominated iOS in Europe, picking up 68.6 percent market share compared to the iPhone's 18.4 percent. The Microsoft Windows Phone OS collected 10.3 percent - and the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain remain the most lucrative European markets. Android easily dominated iOS in China, picking up 78.6 percent of the market compared to just 19 percent for iOS.

Moving forward, Android can continue to expand in emerging markets - where Apple and its higher-price devices tend to struggle - while also increasing marketing efforts in the United States, Western Europe, and select mature markets.

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