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Thursday, January 09, 2014

MSI Radeon R9 270 2GB Gaming OC Video Card Review


We're really powering through video card reviews at the moment, and it seems that for every video card review we finish, there are two more that we need to do. You can tell that we've had a big launch come through, and it's much bigger than those we've seen in the previous years. While AMD has spread out the launch of their new models, they've done it over a span of just weeks, and not months like we normally see.

They've really decided to go all in with the launch of the R series, and we can't say it's a bad thing. They've created some fantastic new models that have hit us at a really strong price point. Since launch, we've seen NVIDIA has had to do a bit of scrambling to not only adjust prices a couple of times, but also to release a new model: the GTX 780 Ti...a card that is truly, extremely fast. They killed their own GTX TITAN 6GB, a $999, beat in one swoop. They had to though; that became extremely obvious as we saw the higher-end AMD models come out at a super aggressive price point.

As much as we love all those high-end cards though, today we're taking a look at the entry-level R9 card. The R9 270 launched just the other week, and is the lowest R9 model, sitting below the R9 270X. We checked the HIS Radeon R9 270 IceQ X2 2GB out the other day, and while it carried with it only the stock clocks, we really did find ourselves quite impressed with what the new model was doing. Again, we see AMD hitting at a strong price point with a model that performs well for the said price point.

Today though, we're looking at our second retail version of the card; this particular one coming from MSI, and falling in as part of the Gaming Series. This is a series that launched earlier in the year that we absolutely love due to the fact it brings unity between the motherboard, and video card division. Anyway, we've probably said more than we need to; so let's get stuck into the package to see exactly what we have going on with the R9 270 2GB Gaming OC from MSI.



Taking a look at the front of the box, you can see nothing too out of the ordinary. If you've seen any of the Gaming branded products before, you'll see a lot of similarities here. We've got the model on the front, along with the mention that it's part of the gaming series. In the bottom left corner, you can see that we're also dealing with an OC version of the card.


If we turn over to the back of the box, you can see some of the main features are explained in detail, including the Gaming APP, and the advanced thermal design via the Twin Frozr IV cooler. The box also mentions the Military Class 4 components that bring with them Super Ferrite Chokes, and Solid Capacitors.


Moving inside the package, you can see we don't have a ton going on. Aside from the Quick Install Guide and Driver CD, you can see we've got a DVI to VGA connector, and a dual Molex to 6-Pin PCIe power connector to round things off.

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