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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jawbone UP Wristband

This wristband from Jawbone tracks your daily activities and the quality of sleep that you are having. It also allows you to indicate your mood at the point of activity. This would help you to improve your lifestyle by improving your diet, sleep patterns and incorporate an active lifestyle

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Written Review

For the first time, I would be moving into a new format with a short and concise written review on top of my video review for those who prefer to read an written review.

For starters, I would be reviewing the Jawbone UP activity tracker wristband. Jawbone is one of the first companies that has released a wristband type of product for activity trackers. The wristband format is a convenient way to attach the activity tracker to your body. This is because you can wear the device like a wrist watch and it would do it's job silently without you even noticing it after a while. It is not a clip-on device whereby you have to worry about it dropping off from your shirt during the middle of the day.

No doubts, Fitbit has released their version of wristband activity tracker (Fitbit Flex), but the Jawbone UP wristband is the one that you can get your hands on if you cannot wait for it. This device would monitor your sleep patterns, your food intake, your exercise regime and your mood during the different activities. From the 2-3 weeks of usage, it would start to recommend you to add activities that would make you in a better mood if you are down on your mood for the day. This device aims to allow you to live a better and healthier lifestyle with all the information gathered. Without further a do, let us dive into the details of the review.

In the review package includes the wristband itself, the USB charging cable and the user's manual. The Jawbone up Wristband has to be charge via the USB cable as the only connection is a normal male 3.5mm headset connector. Battery life is rated at 10 days by Jawbone, in my actual usage, it came out to an impressive 8-9 days
This is the main user interface that you would see after you have installed the UP application on your Apple or Android devices. The application only supports Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS) and above and iOS 5.1 and above. In other words, it would work with iPod Touch (3rd generation and above), iPhone 3GS and above, iPad and the mini version. As for the Google platform, it would work with the LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 and above, HTC Droid and above. Check the list of device compatible on their website 

The application takes up quite a bit of space on your device (40MB). However after installation, you would understand the need for the application to be so bulky in memory usage. In the application, there is detailed information on the calories that specific food add to your daily intake. It also has tips that tell you ways to improve your mood for the day. 

As you can see in the screenshot, it would indicate the number of steps that you have taken and the total amount of sleep that you have taken for the night. It would also show the meals that you have taken. With the progress show in terms of a status bar and the how close you are to your daily goal in terms of percentage. The activity feed would show the recent activities allowing you to scroll through them and see what you have done for the day. It takes a page from the Facebook newsfeed manner for this interface.
This is the interface when you add specific food into the application. It would tell you the total amount of fats,  fiber, Carbs, Protein and Sugar that you have consumed. If you are too lazy to type in the product that you have eaten and start searching for the right category, you can scan the product's barcode using your phone's camera.

The application provides tips daily to improve your mood or to improve the lifestyle that you are having. For example, if you are not hitting your targeted goal of 10,000 steps daily for a few consective days, the application would warn you that you are idling for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you exceed your targeted goal of 10,000 steps daily, the application would challenge you to beat it again (Of course with 1-2 days of break in between).
This is the screenshot of the lifetime function in the application. It would churn out all the information in a scroll able format and allow you to see all the information on your lifestyle habits and how you have improve your lifestyle several weeks after getting the band. It would also indicate the mood at the various days, this would provide you tips on how to perk yourself up if you are down on your mood today.

Last but not least, the Jawbone UP wristband is available in various colours. As you can see in the picture, there are just so many colours you can choose from. Also, please take note that there are 3 different sizes of wristband to choose from. As for the sizing information, please head on to their website (Under Sizing Guide) to take a look before purchasing the product.

This awesome activity tracker deserves an Editor Choice Rating from It is the only product out there in the market that is so convenient.  Using the 3.5mm headset jack of your devices to sync the data. It also tells you tips to perk up your mood and to warn you if you are not hitting your targeted goal.

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