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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A slew of devices being launched at MWC

The usual suspects launched a series of new phones at the Mobile World Conference (MWC). THere were some new comers to the block which includes Panasonic, Lava teaming up with Intel, ZTE and Huawei.

Some of the coolest phones that are out there includes the 41MP phone from Nokia, the mini projector phone from Samsung (Samsung Beam) and the latest HTC phones.

The two photos are from Engadget for the Nokia 41MP

The hump at the back of the phone looks huge

HTC One X!

Samsung Beam!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung's Galaxy S II celebrates 20 million sold, just in time for MWC

After crossing the 10 million units moved threshold back in September, Samsung has joyously announced ahead of MWC 2012 that its Galaxy S II family of phones has sold 20 million since launching in April. According to Samsung, taking just ten months to hit the mark puts it ahead of the original Galaxy S (hovering around 22 million sold) by seven months. The hallmarks of this model -- in its many forms as seen above for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint -- has been the Super AMOLED Plus screen, slim design and dual core CPUs, all of which made it a record breaker right out of the gate. Samsung's been pretty quiet as Mobile World Congress 2012 approaches, but whenever we see the Galaxy S III, it will certainly have a lot to live up to.

Via Engadget

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apple trying to crush Kodak to death

Months after Kodak filed for bankruptcy, Apple is now taking it's patent war to the doorsteps of flim camera pioneer Kodak. 

Apple previously claimed it is the true owner of the image- preview patent that is the subject of infringement claims lodged against Apple and Research in Motion Ltd. The Cupertino, California-based company contends that it developed a digital camera in the early 1990s that it shared with Kodak, and that Kodak then sought the patent on the technology. Kodak has denied the allegations.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coolermaster Gemini II SF524 Cooler Review @ HardwareLOOK

The new Gemini II range is shooting across the net as Coolermaster release a new wave of coolers. One of the latest on the UK market is the Gemini II SF524 CPU Cooler, of which we have for you today. The Gemini II SF524 is a low profile product with a great aesthetic design...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Audiophiles: No difference between Monster cables and coat hanger

The company behind the range of audio products that are being endorsed by a whole range of celebraties like Dr Dre, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga is proving to be over hyping the audio quality of the their products.

In an experiment conducted by a group of audiophiles, they could not tell the difference between the wiring that Monster is selling and the wiring that are being used in coat hangers.

This proves that the majority of us are buying into the marketing cost that is associated with the celebrity endorsement.

Via Consumerist

Friday, February 10, 2012

HTC set to release ICS for some phone models

HTC is set to release ICS for various phone models like the Sensation and it's sibling XE. It is not known if they would release a new Sense interface alongside with the new update.

Whereas owners of the EVO 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD would get their update later this year. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Motorola gets back at Apple

After Apple won the battle with Samsung over patent disputes, it recently lost a patent battle with Motorola. A German court granted an injunction against sales of many of Apple's 3G-bearing products, including older model iPhones and the iPad. 

Motorola wants to settle the dispute by exchanging for 2.25 percent of Apple's sales. It's unclear whether this is a percentage of all Apple revenues or, more likely, a percentage of sales of devices which contain a 3G antenna and therefore potentially fall under the umbrella of Motorola's patent claims. 
Revenue from iPhone sales, in aggregate since 2007, amounts to just under US$93 billion. Motorola's cut of those revenues would have been nearly $2.1 billion over those years. 
Via Tuaw

Details of Galaxy S III released

Details of the update to Samsung's flagship model of Galaxy is being released. The Galaxy S III is set to be as thin as 7mm, With a  sales target volume of 30 million phones.

The thin profile of the new phones are made possible as Samsung has shrank the thickness of the PCB, chips and connector parts by 10-20%.

What is expected in the package would definitely be Ice Cream Sandwich, a 8.0 MP camera and a improved resolution screen (HD- Super AMOLED)

Via OLED Display

HTC sets to fight back in MWC 2012

After a long wining streak with it's smartphones, HTC admits that they have stalled in terms of the offerings that they have to offer for their phones. Their company's Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung conceded that HTC had plenty of work to do improving both “design and components.” after admitting that their LTE-equipped handsets are simply too thick and offering insufficient battery life
Revenue in Q4 fell 2.49-percent year-on-year and by more than a quarter from Q3, to NT$101.42bn ($3.44bn), and HTC saw its margins shrink as well. This is at the back of another similar fall in the previous quarter
HTC's dismal results come after both Apple and Samsung reports stellar results, with Apple reporting 70% jump in revenue.
Lets see if they can recover with the release of the next generation of Android smarptonhes at MWC 2012. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Xigmatek Midgard II Mid-Tower Chassis Review

I remember looking at the original Midgard from Xigmatek and I even refreshed my memory by looking at the old review from 2010. As I remember, the original offered something like five ODD bays, five HDD bays with metal trays, seven expansion slots and a pair of orange bladed fans to go along with the tool-less mechanisms used in that chassis. One other thing I remember was that the original did have most of the front and the entire top covered with mesh for easy breathe-ability for both air in through the front. Via convection it allowed hot air to escape right through the top passively or you could add fans to help things along. All in all, for the time of its release, the Midgard had an oddly placed front I/O panel, but other than that it was a nice chassis for its day.

As time progresses, older designs are left in the dust in favor of cases with USB 3.0, room to manage wires behind the motherboard tray and even handy hot-swap SATA hard drive docks built into cases are a huge hit. Well, Xigmatek saw the writing on the wall and took what was a good selling product for them and figured it was time to update the chassis to today's customers' expectations. With a fresh set of eyes, the new release got both an exterior and an interior redo. There are some subtle hints to the original case, but honestly it looks a lot like the mid towers we seen from BitFenix. Either way, the new chassis is a definite improvement over the original concept."

For more information, please visit -

Friday, February 03, 2012

Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler @ TechwareLabs

Newcomer to the cooling scene, Prolimatech, debuts their Genesis CPU cooler. This behemoth is a hybrid horizontal and vertical cooler that aims to keep your computer cool. Read on to find out if the Genesis can stand up to the epic overclocks that we send its way.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Powerbag Backpack Review @ TechwareLabs

Techware Labs made an review about a bag that holds batteries so that you can charge your gadgets on the go! Check it out!

Amazon reports stunning revenue but profit drops

Amazon's net sales increased  35% to $17.43 billion in the fourth quarter, compared with $12.95 billion in fourth quarter 2010. 
Profits at the web giant fell to $260 million  in the fourth quarter, compared with $474 million in fourth quarter 2010. This could be due to the sale of the Kindle Fire, which they are reportedly being sold at a loss. 
Sales of the Kindle Fire and e-reader devices registered growth of 65% in terms of unit volume. 
They predict sales to be between $12.0 billion and $13.4 billion, or to grow between 22% and 36% compared with first quarter 2011. While operating income is expected to be $100 million, representing a 69% decline compared with first quarter 2011.