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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kinect prototype for laptops

Microsoft teamed up with Asus on the first range of laptops that would intergate the Kinect sensor into laptops. The laptops are running Windows 8 and was shown in CES a few weeks ago.

Like how it license it's Windows platform to other developers, Microsoft would be licensing the Kinect technology for other laptop manufacturers.

It has opened up the development of the Kinect SDK software to the open source market. It would take an estimated 2-3 years before it can hit a affordable entry price point for consumers to step in.

More at The Daily

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Apple reports stellar Q1 results

Apple set a new record for it's revenue and profit, earning a total of $13.06 billion on the back of a $46.33 billion in revenue. This represents about half of the company's annual profits, double of the last quarter. In total the company shipped 15.4 million iPads, 15.4 million iPods and 5.2 million Macs this quarter. That last number is particularly surprising since it represents a growth of 26 percent over last year, bucking trends that indicated PC growth would remain flat. Even the Apple TV enjoyed a record quarter, selling 1.4 million units.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the company sold just over 37 million iPhones -- a 128 percent increase over the same quarter last year and greatly exceeding industry estimates. This also moves Apple back into the number one slot, ahead of Samsung which sold a stunning 35 million units this last quarter. Sales of iPhones and accessories accounted for 24.4 billion of the quarter's revenue. Apple also anticipates to have a strong Q2, though maybe not a record-breaking one, thanks to "some amazing new products in the pipeline." But even if Q2 turns out to be a slow one, Cupertino should be perfectly fine thanks to its $97 billion in cash on hand.

Check out the full press release at Engadget

Friday, January 20, 2012

The great battle between Congress and the web

Congress and the internet had a big battle this week. It started with the US congress trying to shut down the web by pushing to implement the anti-piracy law which includes SOPA and PIPA. The web collectively as a group decided to protest against this passage of the bill by either shutting down the entire website, like what Wiki did, or like what Google did by censoring their front page. Other promitant sites like Time, Wired, Reddit and other reputable sites. All web companies called it an censorship bill which will snuffle the growth and innovation of technology companies.

Whereas media mogul like Rupert Modorch is calling Google a company that is making off money from selling ads off those illegal links.

Within a day, the congress lost the support of 35 senators and the number of tweets was 1% of all tweet traffic for the day. Anonymous are taking down websites like DOJ, MPAA, RIAA and Universal Music, though massive DDoS request to their sites, one of the largest attack being conducted by the group.

Feds took down file-sharing site Medaupload and accused it of hosting illegal files. The founders made a handsome profit of $42 million from this site alone, which generate revenues from advertising and subscribers who want to download files at a faster speed.

I would say not to mess with the cyber world regarding this bill. The music and movie industry have to shake up their business model in order to survive, stop going behind the legal barrier to squeeze the last dollar from the pirates. Those who are determined to get your content for free will continue to do so even if you erect a million pay barriers. They should make music and movies as cheap as how iTunes did it. They should start making users to make impulse purchases in order to sell by volume and earn more from a new method of distribution.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Samsung is set to improve battery life by a huge mile

Samsung is setting a target to improve smartphone's battery life to last at least a day under moderately heavy usage, which may includes light usage of 3G web surfing and a little gaming.

They are targeting every aspect of the phone, which includes the way that it hunts for WiFi and how it powers up it's LTE radio.

Samsung had a good year this year, after it's phone eclipse the iPhone in terms of number of shipments. It also leapfrogged HTC in terms of the phone design and have successfully captured a portion of the iPhone users who got frustrated at iPhone's poor battery life.

Check out the entire article at Cnet

Apple's Co-Founder thinks that Android is better!

Apple's Co-Founder admits that he is a fan of Android phones. The open eco-system has enabled Android to leapt ahead in terms of some of the technologies. Some of which includes the voice commands for Android and the built-in navigation system.

Could a similar story play out for Apple? They have a model that is similar to IBM in earlier years whereby they wanted to control both the hardware and the software aspect of computers, whereas in the case of Microsoft, they licensed it out to other computer markers like what Android is doing now. Apple and IBM may have created the market themselves and make huge gross profits per machine sold, however they suffered in terms of the amount of profits and revenue growth.

Another key thing that he has to grapple with is the poor battery life and the Siri technology that is not as "smart" as Google's version.

While we applaud Apple for coming out with certain technology that the Android eco-system have improved on, it's closed eco-system would prove to be a major stumbling block for Apple's growth.

To read more on the interview with Apple's Co-Founder Steve Woz, read on to the article at The Daily Beast

Saturday, January 14, 2012

CES Babes by Techwarelabs

Techwarelabs have done a very good job in the extensive coverage of the babes at CES. Here are some samples. For the full coverage, you can head on to Techwarelabs for more posts and photos

Thursday, January 12, 2012

HTC Sensation XE White Edition Review

The third phone that is coming out from HTC after their initial investment in Beats Audio! Audio quality is not bad, but the camcorder's sound quality is poor (See my introduction and end of video, both are taken with the front facing camera). If you have extra cash, you should buy the phone for it's sound quality!

Sunday, January 08, 2012


With more and more people using their iPad, Tab or even the Kindle Fire to watch Youtube, more users would tend to find problems with running Youtube on their devices as some devices like iPad does not support flash. As such, one would want to download the flash video and convert it to the format that their media player can work with. A software that I would recommend is the FLV Converter from imtoo, the software is smart enough that it allows you to capture the still frame image for a movie.

They also have another software that converts the movie or file to the format that is best suited for various devices like the iPod or the iPhone or even the iPad. There is no use in me blabbering so much on the strength of the software that they make, you should drop on by their website. I have used their software and would say that it is fast and uses the multiple cores if one has it.

They also have a software that allows you to backup all your data that you have on your iPod to your computer This would ensure that you save all your data or even allow you to dync the music across various iPods you have. This would make your life easier. They can also do iPod to iPod syncing. Very powerful indeed

Check them out today!! They have test versions of the software, so no harm trying!!!