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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two technology giants launch cloud-based solutions for consumers

Two technology giants have released cloud-based solutions to the consumer market today. Microsoft introduced Skydrive for Windows Phone and the iPhone platform, while Sony have released it's cloud music for non-Walkman phones.

SkyDrive Windows Phone Folder
Skydrive on both platforms allows you to move your files from the phone into SkyDrive and access it from any web browser anywhere in the world. Running on the latest web technologies (like HTML5 and CSS3) to give you better speed.
They have been working on making the Skydrive experience better for Windows phones and making folders so that users can access their files easily. With the ability to share folders and files with other users.
Sony's connected Music Unlimited offering is already available online, on gaming devices, on Android phones and tablets, so nice to see it's finally available on its, you know, Walkman music players. In what feels somewhat like an afterthought, "compatible Walkman devices" (currently just the NWZ-E465) can play your favorite channels and playlists on the move -- no connection required. Only those paying the $9.99 premium, however, get to add songs from the actual Unlimited music catalogue. Plug-in at home, sync the music, and listen at your leisure offline via the dedicated app, but with so many other competingways of enjoying your music from the cloud, on a plethora of connected devices, it really is surprising this wasn't already possible. Still, if you own an NWZ-E465, and subscribe to the Music Unlimited, you can feel all gooey knowing Sony has your back. Hit the PR after the break for more info.
Source: Engadget

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