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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apples new marketing strategy?

Apple has done it again, losing the phototype of the latest iPhone 5, leading to a scramble to get i back. This happened just before the launch of iPhone 5, a similar incident for the iPhone 4. The timing is just too coincidental to be true, losing the phone just 1-2 months before the launch date? Remember what happened during the iPhone 4 incident? They claim to have lost the phone at a pub by an engineer and the phone was brought by Gizmodo. The police were called and there was a mad scramble for the phone. Couldn't they have disabled the phone remotely given that they could track where the phone was? Given that they disabled the phone, it will render it useless and the guy who picked it up will not be able to sell it to the technology blog. Is this the new marketing tactic deployed by Apple in addition to "leaking" out details of the latest specs of the iPhone? Get Daily Updates via Email