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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iPhone gets a “Unlimited” Calling Plan

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iphone_calling_unlimited iPhone gets a Unlimited Calling Plan

If you have an iPhone, I just wanted to let you know that Apple has made available an unlimited plan just for you. The plan is $119.99/month. It comes with unlimited voice calling, unlimited email and web surfing, Voicemail, 200 SMS Text Messages, and free Rollover Minutes and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile. Looks like Apple is stepping their game up with the iPhone. We first learned that the iPhone would be getting java and now a “unlimited” plan just for it. Only thing I am surprised as is the 200 SMS per month limit. What is up with that? Considering SMSing is one of the most popular features on a phone, I still find it hard Apple would limit this. Get Daily Updates via Email Protect your computer with Windows Onecare Get paid $7.50 for reviewing my post Ad Space

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