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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Facebook Is Extending Its Network to Blood Donations

Slashdot It! Facebook, the vast and expanding social networking Web site, is about to confront users with a serious new question: What’s your blood type? A program to be officially introduced by a New York-area nonprofit organization called Takes All Types aims to better coordinate where and when people donate blood in response to shortages and crises while encouraging broader donation over all. For those who opt in, the system will send out alerts through Facebook — as well as by phone, fax, e-mail and text message — when their blood type is needed in their area. It will also send out reminders for regular donations. A high-technology, focused blood drive is the latest indication that Facebook, started in 2004 as a way for college students to stay in touch, has since become a place for people to link up for practically any reason, with civic-minded pursuits now playing a larger role. By late in 2006, when its founders decided to throw open the network to anyone interested, Facebook said it had 10 million active users. Today, according to the company, it has more than 65 million, and people 35 and older are its fastest-growing group. “The more people that are on Facebook, the more other people want to be on Facebook,” said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners, a market research firm in San Jose, Calif. Via NYT Get Daily Updates via Email Protect your computer with Windows Onecare Get paid $7.50 for reviewing my post Ad Space

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