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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazon Facebook App

Slashdot It! launched two applications on Facebook Platform, Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine, allowing Facebook users to see and purchase what their friends want through their Amazon Wish Lists, as well as recent public activity on Amazon. Amazon Giver allows users to see what their friends on Facebook have on their Amazon Wish Lists. Users can choose to purchase a gift for them from via the application, or view suggested items based on interests they have listed on their Facebook profile. Amazon Grapevine allows users to see friends' activity on, such as when they update their Wish List, write a review or tag a product, via News Feed updates. Both Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine share only the information with Facebook users' friends that each user has affirmatively chosen to share via an opt-in mechanism. " is pleased to bring the convenience of shopping on Amazon to our customers, many of whom are also Facebook users, with the Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine applications on Facebook Platform," said Eva Manolis, vice president, "By combining Amazon's vast selection of products with Facebook's millions of users, we are able to make activities like gift-giving more efficient and rewarding for Facebook users." The Amazon Giver application that launched today allows Facebook users to purchase gifts directly from for their friends on Facebook. By adding the Amazon Giver application to their profile, users can choose to view products from friends' Amazon Wish Lists, or recommendations based on what any friend has listed as likes and interests on their Facebook profile. When a user decides to purchase something for a friend, they are directed to a secure checkout page. During checkout, the user can choose payment method and shipping address. If a user buys a gift off of a friend's Amazon Wish List, they can ship it directly to the recipient without entering their address because the friend has also registered a recognized account when they added the application to their page. In order to view friends' Wish Lists, all users must set their Wish Lists to "public" on Any Wish Lists set as "private" will not be displayed. Amazon Grapevine allows you to share what you've been doing on with your Facebook friends via Facebook's News Feed. For example, if a Facebook user with the Amazon Grapevine application updates their Wish List, writes a review or tags a product, their friends will see what they've done as an update in their News Feed. Facebook users can choose what type of activity they would like to share with their friends, as activity updates are entirely opt-in. Facebook is a social utility that offers an efficient way for people to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph, the network of connections and relationships between people. The Facebook Platform is a development platform that enables companies and engineers to integrate with Facebook and gain access to millions of users. Get Daily Updates via Email Protect your computer with Windows Onecare Get paid $7.50 for reviewing my post Ad Space

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