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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building an inexpensive gaming pc

The space of the DIY gaming PC is at one of the more interesting times in its history, as every component is improving and becoming more affordable with every passing year. Building a PC at home also offers the advantage of choosing your own parts at your own price, based on your own workload and style; the components, while purchased as separate pieces work better together without the pre-built markup.

Whether your budget is $500 or $10,000, you can build yourself a high-performance gaming PC that powers the latest games and leaves room for future upgrades. The components listed below will run about $650 and should support any game, from simple graphics in the popular "Minecraft" to lifelike graphics in the highly-anticipated "Battlefield Hardline."


All of the parts of a gaming PC are built around speed, so you won't be able to blame the hardware if the game isn't going the way you want. However, it's important to keep in mind that certain components will have a larger impact on your PC's speed than others.


The processor is the heart of your system and, therefore, one of the more important pieces. It is unlikely that a CPU would change without a complete system rebuild, so think of it as an investment in the future of your PC gaming. Intel's latest generation Core i5 processors are some of the most versatile on the market, powerful enough for gaming and photo/video editing, while only costing a fraction of the newer i7.


If the CPU is what makes a computer, the GPU is what makes it for gamers. The GPU is a dedicated piece of gaming hardware, and like most things, when it comes to graphics cards, you get what you pay for. Knowing this will prove helpful when determining your budget and choosing a GPU. Generally speaking, the more expensive the card, the higher the quality and performance.


Good RAM is an essential part of any system as it allows a larger cache between the hard drive and processor. These days, RAM is fairly cheap and fast, plus it tends to be the price/performance upgrade with the most ROI. For gaming, 8GB or 16GB of DDR3 is a good range.

Hard Drive

While the CPU and GPU usually get the most attention in discussions like this, one of the more overlooked components is your hard drive. Without a sufficient hard drive, the CPU and GPU will process information faster than the hard drive can deliver it. When it comes to a gaming PC, the most important thing to remember is the speed at which it operates. Either a 10,000 RPM or solid state drive will be best. So far, spinning drives are the cheaper and more spacious option but this has changed rapidly over the last few years as SSD prices drop and performance improves.

Build Components

These particular components for a gaming PC is on a lower price scale, but it's an efficient build with room for future expansion.

  • Motherboard - Gigabytle GA-H97-D3H

  • CPU - Intel Core i5-4430

  • RAM - Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3

  • GPU - Nvidia GefForce GTX 750

  • Power Supply - Corsair CX500m 500W

  • Case - Thermaltake V4 Black Edition

  • Hard Drive - Samsung 850 250GB SSD

  • The components listed above were chosen to get the best bang for your buck and to get you playing right now.

    Monday, January 12, 2015

    The Bow Manufacturer's Quest for 400 FPS

    From "The Hobbit" movies to "The Hunger Games" series, films featuring archers are driving bow sales up. Sports manufacturer Escalade is projecting that increased archery interest will contribute a 9 percent sales growth over the coming year. Meanwhile the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) has spread from Kentucky throughout the country since 2002. With this growth comes greater demand for faster bows. To meet this need for speed, manufacturers are pushing technology's limits to tackle a physical barrier that has defied engineers for the last decade: creating a compound bow that can realistically exceed 400 FPS.

    The Formula

    Just as auto engine power is measured in horsepower, a compound bow's FPS rating (foot-pound-seconds) measures how powerfully it can fire. As horseback archer Dan Sawyer explains, the way a bow stores power is similar to a spring. Just as a spring builds potential energy when compressed, the work done by drawing a bow stores energy in the string. When the archer releases the string, the stored energy is released at a rate proportionate to the bow's FPS rating, along with other variables such as the peak draw weight of the bow, the length of the draw and the mass of the arrow. Archery Calculator provides an online tool for crunching these numbers to see how fast your bow can fire. The speed of your arrow, along with its momentum, helps determine how much penetration your shot can achieve.

    The Barrier

    When building faster bows, manufacturers face a barrier posed by archery physics and industry standards. As Hunter's Friend webmaster Michael Blanton explains, the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) currently standardizes FPS measurements by using a 70-pound draw weight, a 30-inch draw, and an arrow weight of five grains per pound of draw. These numbers determine how much energy must be stored to shoot an arrow at a given FPS rate. To achieve 400 FPS, 124.378 foot-pounds are required.

    Theoretically, this can be achieved by adjusting certain variables. For instance, shortening the distance between the string and the pivot point of the bow's grip known as the brace height, changes how far you're actually pulling the string, affecting how much energy the bow stores.

    However, in practice, other variables complicate the picture. These include efficiency lost due to friction and vibration, along with the need to gradually ramp up to and down from maximum draw weight for a smooth pull. With today's technology and standards, a 400 FPS compound bow would be uncontrollable.

    The State of the Art

    These realities determine the limits of today's technology. Since IBO standards were adopted in 2005, maximum speeds under ideal test conditions have climbed from 315 to over 350 FPS, reports Outdoor Life. In 2014 Bowtech released the RPM 360, which achieves 360 FPS, while PSE achieved 370 FPS with the Full Throttle. Bows from these and other top manufacturers are available from leading suppliers such as Cabela's and other select outlets.

    The Next Stage

    To achieve faster bows without a major technological breakthrough, manufacturers are currently confined to making minor improvements to efficiency, such as reduced friction and slicker cable slides. However, Blanton suggests that today's bows may be tough enough to justify modifying IBO ratings standards to allow lighter arrows that fly faster. This could be the easiest way to achieve 400 FPS.

    Sunday, January 11, 2015

    Why You Should Outsource TEM

    Choosing to outsource some of your company's needs means you'll spend money in the short-term, but save money in the long-term. As the old saying goes, you need to spend money in order to make money, and when it comes to letting qualified third parties handle some of your data and reporting needs, that saying couldn't be more true. In terms of TEM (Telecom Expense Management) expenses, the benefits to outsourcing telecom spending is that you'll be able to consolidate those expenses into one, get itemized report, and stay more on-the-ball with expenses and revenue.

    By choosing TEM outsourcing, your business will be able to successfully and efficiently identify what your top costs are, and in turn take the time to determine how you can best save money by reducing or perhaps altogether eliminating those costs. The telecom industry is one that is both complex and confusing, which means there's an increased risk for both billing errors (learn more), and frustration at not understanding the source of those errors. Eliminate these costly errors and frustration by outsourcing your TEM needs, and sit back and breathe a sigh of relief while someone else takes the reins.

    Benefits of a Card Access Security System

    Providing employees with a secure work environment is one of the most important responsibilities that all business owners share. Regardless of how secure of a building you need to protect your business interests and client information, you should always have a system established that ensures that only approved employees are able to gain access to your office space. 

    One of the best ways to ensure that your office space is secure is to install a card access security system. A card access security system is a security system that will involve requiring all employees to have a security card to gain access to the office space or building. An additional advantage of this type of security system is that you will have the ability to keep track of when employees and visitors enter and leave the property. 

    When you are looking to install a card access control security system, there are several companies that you can hire to install a system. One of the best card security system providers is Card Access. Card Access can provide you with a number of different services that you can take advantage of. This can include providing you with a control panel, the ability to print keys, phone systems to be used for visitor access, and a number of different security services. 

    If you are interested in learning more, it would be a good idea to visit the Card Quest website. Through the website, you will be able to learn more about all the company can provide. 

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    How to Organize Your Storeroom

    If you work at a commercial facility, your storeroom probably has a collection of spare parts that otherwise exists only in the dreams of vehicle-loving teenagers. Your storeroom shouldn’t look like a messy teen’s, though. It’s time to clean up the clutter. 

    1. Use technology that can help you predict and plan for maintenance. This is a great starting point when organizing your storeroom because you’ll have an idea of what you need to use and when you need it by.

    2. Label everything. Your storeroom should be setup like you would setup a retail store. Everything should be clearly labeled and easy to find.

    3. Once you’ve organized the storeroom, you’ll be amazed at the free space you have. This is a great time to make a list of everything you need to order. Click here to find equipment and spare parts for a bargain. When you have the parts you need on-hand, you’ll save money on emergency orders and overnight shipping.

    Not only does an organized, clean storeroom make your job easier, but it also communicates to your clients that you’re confident in your business. Plus, it helps you provide quality customer service.

    Sunday, December 21, 2014

    How to boost your online shop's checkout rate

    Are you running a online store but getting poor sales? Well, you are not alone. In a recent study, experts cited various top reasons why shoppers abandon their shopping cart at checkout. Some of the reasons include the high shipping cost, the lack of trust seals by reknown security firms. Our friend at Financesonline has published an infographic on the top reason for shoppers to abandon their shopping cart. Check it out

    How to increase sales: the role of trust seals in customer acquisition
    Originally published at: financesonline Author: Alex Hillsberg

    Tuesday, December 09, 2014

    Is the Layout of Your Facility Efficient?

    Nearly any business can benefit from having an efficient layout. This is especially true when it comes to manufacturing and production of goods. From start to finish, the layout of your facility can play a prominent role in how quickly production goals are met. A logical flow is needed in order to reduce time and costs improving overall business in a variety of ways.

    Time Management

    With an efficient layout of your business, less time is spent between sections of manufacturing or used by employees moving about the area. If the entire process is not automated, the human element is needed in order to continue working. When employees have more ground to cover in order to finish a task, that is time that can begin to add up quickly throughout the year. In many businesses, this mismanagement of time can cost thousands of dollars annually, if not more, depending on the plant and the layout.

    Interrupting Workflow

    Poor designs for facilities can lead to more than lost time. It can also lead to physical hazards, high noise levels in important areas such as offices, inefficient HVAC operation and other minor complications that can quickly add up to major monetary losses.

    Visit sites such as to learn more about how to design your manufacturing plant for efficeincy. Even the smallest of changes can make a great impact on production levels as well as the annual net income. You could be losing a lot of money over something you may believe is mundane.

    Wednesday, December 03, 2014

    Using Technology to Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

    Technology is part of our modern existence and while we may sometimes be tempted, banning technology for our kids is simply not an option. Our children use technology at school, they use it in their social lives, and it can also spark their creativity. Internet access, smartphones and mobile devices have been shown to offer youth new avenues for healthy decision making about diet, exercise and sex, so it's crucial that parents find a way to balance safety with reward.

    Luckily, there is technology that parents can use to help monitor the technology that their kids are using.

    Teens, Social Media and Identity Theft

    According to Pew Research, 95 percent of all teens use the Internet and 81 percent of those teens participate in social media, making the majority of teens a potential target for identity theft and digital victimization. Burgeoning adults are a prime target of identity theft since they are just beginning their credit life and are less likely to catch fraudulent charges against their name.

    According to, children are the fastest growing segment for digital theft. This is one of the reasons a credit monitoring package for your child may be opportune. Through a credit monitoring package, parents can know that their kids' identity is safe without needing to constantly be looking over their shoulder.

    Remote Monitoring for the Phone

    The same Pew report shows that nearly 80 percent of teens and pre-teens have a cellphone. With the fears of inappropriate texting, monitoring phone usage is a must. It can also become a battle and an issue of trust if you need to have your child hand over the phone every time that you want to check it. Instead, eBlaster by SpectorSoft allows parents to remotely access kids' cell phone activity. Through this software, parents can block website access from the smartphone or receive an alert whenever certain search words are used. You can also review texts and emails, blocking unacceptable senders. The best part is that this can all be done remotely so that you can keep you child safe without needing to interfere with their growth as responsible technology users.

    Geo-Location for a Good Night’s Sleep

    If looking through your child’s texts seems excessive and all you want is the peace of mind knowing your child is safe, Life 360 is a solid solution. Life 360 uses the GPS function in the phone to let you find your child’s location. It also integrates circle-specific texting so that users can send one simple text to the whole family about their location and schedule. It also has panic features that alert family members of emergencies, delays or other events.

    Tablet Locks

    MMGuardian, available at the Google Play store, allows you to lock down specific apps and websites on your tablet for both your safety and that of your kids'. This parental lock system allows kids the freedom to use the device and explore appropriate apps, without your constant worry and interference.

    Friday, October 31, 2014

    4 Tips for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

    4 Tips for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

    When it comes to getting the most out of an ecommerce site, the key is getting your site noticed. The truth is that no matter how great your products or services are, your ecommerce site won’t be successful generating sales if your customers can’t find it. This is where search engine optimization or SEO comes into play. Here are four tips you can use to help you optimize your ecommerce site in order to boost sales and increase revenues. 

    #1 Having Proper Website Structure:
    The number one thing that ecommerce website owners and developers can do to maximize the exposure of an ecommerce website is to make it easy for search engine spiders to gather information about the site for indexing. The reason that this is so important is because most customers aren’t going to find you by typing your URL directly. They are going to rely on keyword searches. Having your website properly indexed will ensure that your website will appear higher in search engine results pages.

    #2 Using Unique Descriptions:
    While it may seem a bit tedious, having unique product descriptions for each and every product on your site will set your site apart from all of the other websites selling similar products. Search engines will often look at these sites as more valuable than those that simply regurgitate the same old descriptions. 

    #3 Get Product Reviews:
    Getting authentic product reviews are a great way to get exposure and increase the visibility of your ecommerce site. Encourage product reviews however stay away from paying for your reviews as both search engines and customers can tell the difference between organic reviews and those that have been paid for marketing purposes. Not only will these reviews boost your site’s reputation, it will also add additional keywords to your ecommerce site that will increase your chances of appearing in more search engine results lists. In addition, product reviews adds fresh content to your site, which has long been known as a great way to boost a website’s search engine ranking.

    #4 Using Long-Tail Keywords :
    SEO that is focused on keywords and phrases will not only not get your website noticed; it can sometimes get your ecommerce website banned by Google and other large search engines. Google has created a new algorithm to rank all websites and no longer places emphasis on websites that rely solely on keywords to establish authority. However, using long-tail keywords has the ability to ensure that your e-commerce site shows relevance for your target audiences, but will also help you avoid being ignored or banned. 

    These tips will help with your ecommerce SEO efforts and land it higher on search engine results pages, which is ultimately tied to how successful your e-commerce site is. By tweaking a few pieces of your ecommerce site, you can considerably increase your visibility and your sales in a matter of hours or days.

    Master Pumps and Power Article

    Master Pumps and Power - Your Source for Offshore Pumps on the Internet

    Master Pumps and Power, serving the heavy machinery business since 1968, is the only stop you need to make when choosing gears and offshore pumps. You can move any of your liquid products safely and efficiently when choosing a company like Master Pumps & Power for all of your gear and pump supplies. 

    Master Pumps understands the need for durable, strong pumps for heavy trucks and offshore rigs that need to be functioning to get the job done. For a company whose bottom line rests on the delivery of liquid products, you need reliable partners that work in the industry who understand the unique needs of your business. 

    You can count on Master Pumps for experience, excellent customer service and professionalism, as well as the best prices to be found. They also are experienced in rebuilding pumps and replacing equipment for your tank trailers, knowing all of the specific requirements.

    There are several types of pumps that Master Pumps specialize in, one of them being pumps for offshore rigs. You can stay at the top of the industry by relying on Master Pumps for the most technologically advanced gear pumps. They carry Roper pumps, providing rugged, cost-effective solutions for your needs. These pumps are effective and maintain a constant flow per revolution to maintain a steady outflow. 

    Master Pumps and Power will also provide special pricing for clients who order parts in bulk. They carry the largest in stock inventory of pumps that service vehicles that carry liquid tanks in the United States. So, if you're in need of pumps or other parts for your large machinery, click here and look around, and then pick up the phone and call. 

    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    3 Apps to Help You Maintain & Improve Your Vehicle

    Americans love their smartphones almost as much as their cars. According to the Pew Research Internet Project, 90 percent of adult Americans have a cellphone of some kind as of 2014, and 58 percent of adults own a smartphone. Smartphones are as ubiquitous as cars in America, so it should come as no surprise that there are many great smartphone apps to help drivers maintain and improve their vehicles. Here are some of the best smartphone apps and tools to help you maintain your car and even improve its performance:

    Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

    The Car Maintenance Reminder Lite app allows users to input their car's make, model and year in addition to their last common car services. This includes fluid replacements, tire rotations, alignments, oil changes, and even windshield wiper replacement. Car Maintenance Reminder Lite is calibrated to estimate your daily driving at 15 or more miles a day, and calculates your estimated maintenance needs based on that estimate. When time thresholds are met for various maintenance needs, the app sends you an alert, letting you know when you need new tires, oil changes, etc. Finally, Car Maintenance Reminder Lite allows you to log important notes about your car, such as part numbers, and can track the needs and notes of multiple cars at once.

    Dynolicious Fusion

    Dynolicious Fusion is an app that can help you fine-tune your car and detect when your performance is waning. By using the iPhone's built-in accelerometer, Dynolicious Fusion measures and logs automobile performance—measuring your vehicle's zero to 60 acceleration, measure braking speed, turning force and can even use this data to calculate your vehicle's horsepower. Dynolicious Fusion records and tracks this information almost as accurately as some of of the most sophisticated testing software and by measuring your car's performance before and after any modifications, you can compare the results to quantify improvements. The Dynolicious Fusion app also connects you with other car enthusiasts through its built-in social media tools so you can get instructions from other users for all of your maintenance and improvement projects. Finally, the Dynolicious Fusion app lets you create logs and share photos of your projects over social media so you can show off or get advice from other performance enthusiasts about your projects.

    Torque Pro

    Torque Pro goes one step further than most apps by connecting directly to your on-board diagnostics port, giving you a powerful diagnostic tool. Torque Pro can read your CO2 emissions, provide acceleration information and read transmissions temperatures. Capable of checking your car's performance and alerting you to engine issues, Torque Pro also allows you to create custom dashboards that can provide information and measurements as you drive. Best of all, because Torque Pro gives you direct access to you car's on-board diagnostic software, you can find out exactly what the check engine light is actually referring to and even turn it off when you become aware of the problem. Getting an engine diagnostic from a mechanic can run you $100 or more, and being able to turn off that haunting orange light on your own is well worth Torque Pro's one-time cost of $4.95.

    Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Watch Your Weight: Television Programs that Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

    It's the second most expensive piece of furniture in most people's homes. Subscription packages cost an extra $50 to multiple hundreds of dollars a month. It's known as the boob tube, idiot box and the electronics baby sitter. It's the one device most people feel they can't live without. It's the television.

    Statistically, the number of hours you watch television per day has a direct correlation on your weight and how it fluctuates. A 2006 study by Raynor and colleagues found that subjects who watched the most TV (3 or more hours per week) gained an average of 9 lbs per year. Those subjects who decreased their television watching naturally increased their physical activity and lost weight across the board.

    The verdict on television's effect on a healthy lifestyle seems pretty grim. However, in recent years, there had been an upsurge in the popularity of healthy lifestyle programming. These shows fall into three broad categories: weight loss, healthy cooking and stress relief.

    Weight Loss The Biggest Loser is a debatable member of healthy lifestyle programming, this show and others like it take overweight contestants and have them compete against other similarly obese contestants to accomplish their weight loss goals. The Biggest Loser has gained worldwide popularity with iterations of the show taking root in Brazil, China, Israel, Netherlands South Africa and Sweden.

    The US version, currently shown on the NBC network, is a team based competition where contestants are weighed on a regular basis. At the end, the team that has lost the most weight wins. This show and shows like it have their pros and cons - while the show can be praised for providing examples of very overweight people who can and do lose a significant amount of weight, the show is also reviled by weight loss experts for being too strenuous and focusing too much on the end prize money and not enough on healthy weight loss habits.

    Healthy Cooking
    Food is a very popular subject for television shows - there is even an entire network dedicated to it. The Food Network offers viewers their choice of "food porn" ranging from cooking competitions like Chopped and Cupcake Wars to reality shows featuring real restaurants like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to cooking how to shows like Barefoot Contessa. All have their own draw and offer their own varied contributions to healthy lifestyle programming.

    One Food Network show, Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger, is an example of “healthy lifestyle” programming, as it shows viewers how to prepare quick, easy food that is high in neither sugar nor fat. The host, who is also a dietitian specializing in nutrition and health, focuses on showing viewers how to substitute “convenience foods” with real, whole foods in similar amounts of preparation time. The show also offers techniques for eating healthy even in challenging situations like at the office, in restaurants and on vacation. But of course, the tips shown on this program only work if viewers apply them to their own lives.

    Stress Relief
    This is perhaps the most surprising category of healthy lifestyle programming. This category is the most subjective based on the viewer. A favorite comedy can provide relief from a stressful day by allowing the viewer to laugh. Not only does laughter feel good, it also triggers physical changes in the body; laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels and boosts T-Cell counts, potentially stopping a cold from setting up in your body. Luckily these days between online streaming, on demand, and smart phones, we’re able to take our favorite gut-busting shows with us anywhere and watch them any time.

    Everyone's sense of humor is different and different people will be drawn to different shows, but shows like The Big Bang Theory on CBS are an example of programs that provide a release vis a vis an unusual collection of humorous characters.

    Television is a tool, and viewers who watch mindlessly will inevitably gain weight while being exposed to hours of senseless violence. When used strategically, however, it can be used to improve the viewer’s health and provide relief from the day’s accumulated stress.